Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome to our Loft!

Come on in folks and take a look around!  
I'll show you a few things we have been doing and some of our wedding gifts.

David Steinc made this for us!  Really neat, we love it!

Finally got a tea pot!  (Many thanks to BBB gift cards.)

Tension rod shelves in the shower.
Many thanks for Target gift cards!

I have a Crock Pot!  YAY!

Love this square bowl, and some funnels, etc.

Apple cookie jar!

Several have seen earlier pictures of these shelves, one of my favorite things about my kitchen!  It has changed, and changed again until it ended up as this!  Pretty much has stayed like this, minus whatever dishes or bowls I'm currently using!

This was made by Aunt Deb.  Love it and perfect color (thanks to a little bird named Vanessa ;)

Shoe organizer for under the bed.  (My shoes.)

Shoe rack (for Matthew's shoes, and a clothes basket, FINALLY! =)

Put some decorations up...

Super cozy blanket from Becky and kids!

Now I have a calendar from the Cotten side and one from the Jorgensens side!

Craig makes these little scoops.

Iron skillets!

More cutting boards... and a cookie sheet.

These must be nice... need to try one out some time!
 On Wednesday we went down to SLO to the Social Security office to get my name changed.  There were only a few other people there, and it was simple as pie to get my name changed.  Now I'm officially Mrs. Sara Margaret Pauls!  Then we went to Target, BBB, then Chipotle for lunch (SO hungry after all that shopping!) and then, hmm, there is See's Candy store... and we have a gift card for there!  And they give you samples, so I didn't even eat anything that we got, the samples were enough!  Then we drove around a bit, basically went around Bishop Peak in a huge circle, and then came home.  On Thursday, Matthew put up the curtain rods and a few other things.

I didn't want to cut this material so that I can make curtains for wherever we end up long term.  While Matthew did some studying one night, I had fun trying to get this up!  I think I like it this way for now.  Only safety pins, so I can change it any time!
And that is our house!
I think I've figured out what I'm going to do for kitchen curtains, but need to sew them.
Looking forward to that but not sure when it will get done!  Excited about David and Becca, and the girls coming this coming week.  

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