Saturday, March 5, 2016

February 2016

It was fun picking out pictures of February to share with you! Lots of fun happenings and memories. For those of you still experiencing winter, enjoy the green and flowers! March is looking like a wet month, for which we are very thankful for!basil plant

At Yeager camp, Becky used the leaves off this basil plant for yummy bruschetta! She asked if I'd like to save it. The first two years of living in CA I didn't have much luck with green living things, but the last few months have been a little more successful, so I thought I'd see what would happen! There will be growing pictures of these throughout the weeks to come. I know it is a simple thing, but helping something survive and then thrive with the miracle of God's of plan is very rewarding.

fixing iPhoneThe cold in Edmonton finished the battery in my phone off, so Matthew bought a new one and replaced it one evening. I love watching him work on technology!nap timeTime for a nap in the sun at Woods this lovely noon!
dog hikeThe last few weeks I was able to change my schedule to go to Woods on Wednesdays which is when some of the staff and volunteers go for a hike with the dogs. It is fun to get them out of the craziness of the shelter and see their personalities in a more relaxed environment.popcornStill using our Whirly-Pop from Norman and Sue! Love the popcorn it makes!haileyCelebrating Hailey's 2nd birthday! Such a big sweet girl.birthdayShe had a blast opening all her gifts and playing with all her new toys with Brooklyn and Summer.morro rockSarah Beth went with us the first Friday of the month to 'Art After Dark' in SLO. Different businesses and companies that feature local artists open their doors for a few hours in the evening, serving wine, bread, cheese, cookies, etc to people who come to look at the art. This was the picture Matthew wanted to see. This artist has lots of amazing pictures!skiingSkiing one Saturday! So fun to have enough snow. We had fun all day, but really had a blast when we found a little place to get off the groomed trails and try some powder! It was so fun! It took us each three tries before we could make it down the little stretch without falling.old leafGot philosophical when I saw this old leaf with new green grass reaching for the sky right through it. Reminded that Christ had to die to give me new life!pad thaiSorry, not sure how to flip this picture the right way! This was a new dish, spaghetti squash pad thai off of Pinterest. It was very yummy! I thought the step where I scrambled the eggs into everything was interesting.MatthewI forget what got Matthew baking this evening, but he had a blast making blueberry muffins!shaunaSo blessed to have 1 and 1/2 days with Shauna! Thursday she and Lucy came for breakfast. When Lucy left for work, Shauna helped me get dinner in the crockpot, then we hiked Cerro Alto! It was a beautiful day.cerro altopeakPardon the outhouse in the background, but we were trying to get the peak in the picture!coffeeWe ran part of the way down the mountain, I dropped her off at Jerry and Polly's where she showered and changed while I popped home and did the same. Picked her up again and met these lovely ladies, as well as Cherisa and Hailey, at our favorite coffee shop, Merry Hill! Mom had an appointment in Paso, so we took SB home.
growthRepotted and old growth gone, little Basil is doing well!aebleskiversTried out my æbleskiver pan from Grandmommy! It was fun, but only so tasty gluten and dairy free :-/serenity swingThen we went on a hike to burn off all those calories! The two extra young people are acquaintances Austin and Sarah Beth have made at young people's volleyball. It was a blast getting to know them and hearing Marie's salvation story. Matthew had fun connecting with Nate on techy stuff - he's made several apps!scrambleThis was a very steep scramble! The oak tree on the left top of this picture is the destination. The hike has been named "Serenity Swing" for the swing that was placed on a gnarly old branch of the old oak tree!green hillsNever will get tired of the green California hills!groupSometime that weekend, we went out to our little beach spot. The storms have changed the sand some, but we were still able to get out of the wind enough and have a relaxing, fun time.beach afternoonBack at Woods after hiking! This sweetie was standing on the console looking out the front window right beside me. I didn't get a picture of the dog I walked the next week. I put Nugget in the back seat, but he jumped into the front passenger seat and stuck his nose in my purse where there was beef jerky in a baggie! What a nose, eh?riding in the carmy birthdayVanessa was very excited about my birthday to try this dessert! It was delicious as well as pretty. She put sweetened, whipped coconut cream on top of mixed berries, and then chocolate melted into shapes in the whipped cream!dessertSunglass Hut in SLO shut down for remodeling after being robbed. Just when Matthew needed to go back there to exchange the sunglasses he had just bought that broke. So one Saturday we drove down to Pismo outlets. We hiked the trail between Pismo and Avila on our way home. It was beautiful!flowerspismo/avila hikeswingAnother swing in a shady old oak! Love it.
sunset/cayucosOne Sunday David contact us to see if we'd like to stay at Journey's End for a few days(!!!) We packed up, went out and got settled, then went to the gathering at 9th Street beach house. I pretty much relaxed all day Monday, until time for Run Club at Grizzly. Followed Matthew back to JE, watched the sun set and chatted. After showers, we walked to Sea Shanty for fish tacos, fries, and some sort of Butterfinger dessert for Matthew. Then we walked back on the beach (where we could. Tide was high so we had to walk on the road partly). That was pretty amazing, walking on the beach in the full moon! Definitely sold on that one!ussunsetwoodsGrass is growing at Woods! Meet Nugget! A very friendly, people-person black lab of about 5 or 6 years.kmart treesThe trees at Kmart parking lot are stunning several times of the year. Spring time they look snowy. In two days they went from this to green! The leaves unfold at the same time we had wind that blew the white petals off.greeneronetheothersideI got a good laugh out of Buttercup this day! I guess the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence!

March holds some exciting times with my parents coming to visit!

~See you next month~