Saturday, September 17, 2016

The rest of July

Here's a few things that happened in July... Yummy amazing delicious salads...lunchJam, jam, and more jam with Jen! And Kelly here. They had a few couples and guys over. The girls made jam, and the guys...jammingPlayed poker!guysSo I really admire the people who have cool handwriting and can make letters and words look really nice. But that isn't why I posted this picture because it falls way short! It is here simply because - "Praise to my Glorious God who Answers Prayer!"
m(This is a work situation.) Since then and now I'm wondering, "okay God, you answered that prayer and it didn't really go anywhere great like I thought it would, now what?" But I know He is in control and is working everything for good. I don't know why that Christian came into my life for two months and now is leaving and the replacement person isn't a Christian (in the truth of the word as I understand 'Christian' to mean). But God knows! And is giving me the wisdom and direction as I need it.fOne evening we got Taco De Mexico and took it to the lake to eat.fIt was pleasant until ants started crawling all over me and biting me! Then I lost some of my food from jumping around trying to get them off. And when I am parted from my food, well... :-/fAustin on a training run with Matthew early one morning.
fSome friends had us over to dinner and she made special pasta for me! She insisted that I take it home. I enjoyed it for lunch the next noon!fMatthew got a super cheap road bike and has been having fun tinkering on it to fix it up a bit nicer.fBeach cookout with Sarah Beth, Austin, Uncle Glenn, Aunt Chris, their three boys and two foreign exchange students, one from Germany and one from France!ffThe embers of the fire were so pretty, but it reminded me of what Christ went through that I can have a relationship with God and 'come boldly before the throne of grace'! fAnother training run one Sunday afternoon in Morro Bay/CayucosfThis picture cracks me up every time! What a geek! Anyway, I broke our Ninja and Matthew bough a Nutribullet for making his morning smoothly. Guess it works pretty good!

Matthew's first attempt at ribeye on the charcoal grill! It was quite delicious but he did even better the next time, after some tips from Nelson when doing hot dogs.ffTraining with Nathan, another first time marathoner trainee!fSo much sweetness in two little bundles! Enjoyed having Nelson and Cherisa and the girls over one evening. Hailey was such a big girl, helping carry stuff down to the guys to help with dinner!
fAnother brutal run in MDO for the guys! But what a view! And that is all for July! Lots of stuff for August but I haven't loaded my pictures yet so that maybe a few days or weeks.

Many Glacier

It rained that night, but we stayed warm and dry in our tent! Matthew made breakfast the next morning and by the time I bundled up and ventured from the tent, it was only dripping a little. After breakfast, we headed east to St.Mary's and out of the park. From there you head north for about 30 minutes and back into the park to get to Many Glacier. It rained along the way and was still raining when we got to the ranger station to check the weather and what trails were open and best to hike. Soon we headed out on the Grennell Glacier hike even though we were told we couldn't make it to the glacier since there was still snow on the trail. It cleared up after about two minutes of hiking!mmThanks to mom, Matthew had jam :)
mThe next few pictures are just quick snaps of the glimpses we got of the peaks around!mmmI thought the cloud on the side of this one was cool. \/mJosephine LakemmmmI thought it was neat how the tree roots hugged this rock. Now when the tree falls it will be taking that rock with it!mmmThose waterfalls are coming from the glacier. The lake is Grennell Lake
mmRushing waterfalls everywhere!mEven right on the path. Not really the kind of shower I was wanting!mAnd this is a far as we went. :( Obviously other people had gone across and we watched several go by. But with it looking like this:mI was a little concerned. Snow is not exactly stable at any time and especially with a waterfall underneath it! Also, my shoes don't have much grip and the slide down would be about 50 feet of snow and then steep brush and rocks....mSo this was the highest view we got.^mInstead we picnicked with several other couples scattered around.mmLoved sharing all these adventures and beautiful places with this man. He was always there to help me when the going was tough and always trying to make me laugh!mmmYikes! Thankfully this was the scariest thing we saw the whole trip...mmSee the rain coming?^mThat evening was pretty chilly. I had on all my warm clothes even though is was far from cute! Matthew couldn't get over my toe socks and flipflops!

bMatthew made breakfast the next morning too. I think we need to go camping again...bOur campsitebDriving back up to Many Glacier the next daybThe lupins and wildflowers we SO pretty! I only opened the window to take the picture, but their scent was strong just doing that!bSetting out for the 5 mile hike to Iceberg LakebWe went up around to the right and then across to the left into that valley. Those sheer mountains to the left surround Iceberg Lake like an amphitheater. 
These are a bit out of order, sorry.bbSpotted an eagle
bbbWe came over the rise of a small hill and saw THIS!bbThis, my friends, is mountain goat wool!bBack at the campsite we enjoyed a fire and hotdogs.

The next morning was foggy, but here are a few pictures of our drive back west on Going to the Sun RoadffThe clouds hid the peaks, but were spectacular themselves!

And then we headed home! We were going to go to Craters of the Moon park for the night, but got to thinking that was too far out of the way. So we just kept driving, kept driving, kept driving. And then we couldn't find a camping spot! We stopped at Subway for dinner somewhere in Idaho and this was the sunset!bWe finally found a KOA north of Salt Lake City that had some open spots. We set up in the dark, took showers and crashed til dawn. Then up and packed up the tent and found an IHOP!bMorning Face!fMatthew let me drive a bit that day. We had been listening to a book the whole time we were driving but it was pretty graphic and finally, even though it was almost to the end, I couldn't listen to it any more. I think that is only the third book I've started that I haven't finished...dLost Hills and almost home! Two 11.5 hour days of driving. Once Matthew gets headed to his home stall, nothing will stop him!dWow, what can I say?dExcept that someone was taking pictures while they were driving! Distracted driving alert!!