Saturday, September 3, 2016


After lunch at the campsite we caught the shuttle back to St.Mary's Falls. My shoes were soaked from the snow so I hiked in flipflops!
waterfalllThe area had a pretty big wildfire last year. The fireweed or flocks was fun to see as it is a native NL plant.lIt is hard to tell how far this rock sticks out over the water! Such a pretty color.llI believe this is Virginia Falls. I've heard of waterfalls having their own climate or atmospheric conditions, but I think this was the first time I experienced it so drastically! It was much cooler and very windy which made the spray feel like rain.llWe had seen this small black bird dive into a whirlpool. The current was so strong we expected to see it pop up down stream, but no, she popped right back up where she'd gone in! Nice bath I guess! Then as I stood with the view below in front of me, I saw her flying towards a crevice in that rock outcropping towards the point. As she approached, three yellow beaks appeared! I was thrilled to experience that fleeting moment!

lWhat else are you supposed to do when waiting an hour and a half for the shuttle?

We had a cozy fire to eat our dinner next to and went to bed with the sun.

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