Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My first Hunter Ligget Experience!

Matthew called when he was on his way home from work at 4:00.
I had everything ready to be packed into the car and 
burritos ready to take with us for dinner on the road.
We had a couple errands to run on our way out of town, 
including stopping by Nelson and Cherisa's to give Hailey a squeeze!
Then, what a pretty drive!
These are called Sticky Monkey Flowers!
Notice the caterpillar.
We arrived in time to set up, many thanks for the few extra hands, and get settled before dark.  Then we wandered around to campsites visiting with different ones, then hitting up the port-a-john on the way back to our tent!
Looking out from one of the Indian caves.

Saturday we relaxed in the sunshine for awhile after eating breakfast.
Then we packed our backpacks and headed for the rocks with Mom and Dad.
Later we joined up with Mark and Shirley and passed the girls' group. 

On top of the rocks looking over the campground.  You can see the road that loops around, with a few cars to the right.
The two 'older' ;) couples headed back once we got to the top, but we wandered around.
Sat and ate lunch looking over the campground area, then found a way down to the bigger Indian cave.

So many wildflowers!  Many different varieties and just a bunch of them all!

You just kind of wander around.  There are a few paths, but it is fun to just make your own, though often we'd get to a rock too steep to climb down so find another way.  I loved it!

In the larger Indian cave.
Notice the blackened roof.

Warming my hands over a long ago fire!

I noticed this plant and got a good laugh.  Even the Indians had hanging potted plants!

This was amazing as well. The ferns growing out of the ceiling of the rock!  From nothing!
Something we found out this last weekend.
I don't remember exactly how it works, but apparently the ticks aren't really bad here
because these blue bellied lizards eat them!
Thank you lizzies!
 Then we went exploring more, going along the trail and cutting off, then coming back, 
until we found this - the canyon!
The water was really low, but so pretty still!
Then we went back towards camp aways, then cut down to the river and walked along until we found a hole big enough to swim and get clean in. 
The water was pretty cold, but fresh and felt so good after sweating all morning and afternoon along the dusty trails!
After swimming, we went a bit slower back to camp only working up a little bit of a sweat.

That evening there was a big fire and sing.  So neat to be under the huge canopy of stars, hear the wind in the trees, but brrr!  Got cold!
Face washing Sunday morning
Talk about refreshing!  It gets cold at night and the water was sitting out...
Cooking breakfast at our little campsite.  Worked very well for us.

morning faces

Matthew helped with everything and made it tons of fun and easy for me.
Can't wait to go again sometime!

On the other side of the tree, Brad and Vanessa parked their tent trailer.
Craig and Lynn were across from them.
Paige and Ryan, Mark and Shirley, Curt and Jeannie, Tim and Kathy, Jon and Kristy, Daryl and Coral and several others were near by as well.
Sunday after breakfast we packed up some, then heard there was going to be a meeting, so rushed over to where they were setting up for that!  After meeting we got our snack lunch and went over to eat with Craig and Lynn and Ryan and Paige.  We took Charissa for a short walk in the stroller to put her to sleep, then packed up a backpack and joined Jon and Kristy, Eric and Annie, Kevin and Addie, Shelley, Ashley, and Sarah for a hike.
Here we are up on the rocks!
The girls split after awhile to go swimming.
Then Kev and Addie left as well.
The three of us couples wandered around, stopped and chatted, walked, talked, and finally made our way down the road side of the rocks and walked back to camp.
This looks like it would be a pretty waterfall when there is rain!
It was really neat to see how the water must flow when it rains.
Back at camp, we finished packing up, had a snack and visited for a bit, then headed home.  After unpacking and showers, we went to Sylvesters for dinner.  Keith Gledhill (teacher at Gizzly), his wife and son were just leaving.  Fun to meet them.  (We saw her at Von's later in the week!)  After we started eating, Eric and Annie came!  We stayed until they were finished, and then visited more.  It was a great way to end camp!  Already looking forward to next year, and hopefully some camping trips just the two of us before then.  On the drive home, we dreamed about where all we would like to go!

GYA - Matthew's work

Seems like most posts are about what I am doing or the two of us.
I want to share these pictures with you to give you a better understanding for where Matthew works!
He's had some fun days recently.

Field Trip to Santa Barbara

Up in the clock tower of the Court House
(where we went on our honeymoon!)

Touring the art museum.
Matthew said the guys were pretty board until they got to this section!
 Grizzly Games!
The kids are divided into 4 platoons - 3 of guys and 1 larger one of girls.  They aren't allowed any communication between platoons, until this day.  To create teams for the games they had each platoon form up (4 abreast) and took each row going back (there is a name for that section, too, I can't remember what it is!)  So the far right line of platoons 1,2,3 and 4, all made one team, then the next row of each joined, then the next, then the far left.  (Sorry, I'm probably not explaining this very well!)  So this was the first time the guys and girls had interaction and working together, though there were strict rules about always being in pairs and other rules about respect and courtesy and stuff.  Anyway...
Play on!


Teaching staff

When I first look at these pictures, I just see faces, and they all kinda look the same!
Then I see the person, the personality, I wonder why they are there.
I wonder what they've been through in their 16 - 18 years.
Then it strikes me,
God knows their story.
He knows each one there.
Whether each one knows and has accept Him or not,
I don't know!
But God can work in their lives.
And I pray that Matthew and other Christians that
work with them will be lights and examples of His love, peace, and joy.
To show them they can have success in their personal lives while helping them reach goals in their schooling and work towards having a successful career.

The winning team in baseball played against the school staff, teaching and military.
This is Keith Gledhill.  One of the teachers that is technically inclined!
He went to the CUE conference with Matthew, the principal, and another teacher.

4 way tug-of-war!

The rest of team cheering for their team!

 Listening to a speech from the head honcho of the military staff

Home pass!

Parents and family visiting each of the classrooms.

Family milling around the wagon wheel visiting with teachers and staff.
Then they took them back to the main gate where the kids marched to meet them.

Waiting for family!

Not sure what is up with the plants!

Definitely mother and daughter, eh?!

Matthew said this girl was really cute.  Soon as she could, she yanked her hat off and let her bun down.  (they have to wear their hair in a bun all the time)  She was so excited to let it down, and I can see why!

Sergeant Rennick
So the kids went home for the weekend...
and we went camping!  The principal even told Matthew to leave 1/2 an hour early on Friday - yay!
Hunter Ligget coming up!