Tuesday, April 8, 2014


If you like flowers then you've got to see this post.
If you don't like them, then, well...
I was going to say to just skip this post, but hey, 
go ahead and look, 
you might change your mind!
Wisteria @ Carrie Stevens
Lilacs on the way to Grammy's.
(Love biking, so I can stop and take pictures!)

Haven't found the name to this one... Anybody know?
When we get our own place, I really want one of these!

Are these irises?  They were growing in Jerry and Polly's neighbors' field.

One of Cherisa and Nelson's roses!
I didn't know that roses grew in gardens like this.
They are everywhere, amazingly beautiful!
I thought rose gardens were silly until I moved here.  Now I want one!

(Surprisingly, I took these with my phone....)
ummm, cowalilly?  This is mom's.
We went to dad and mom's for dinner Thursday evening.
Austin got home while we were eating and brought each of the women folk a bouquet!
(Aren't these the kind that you like, Linda? I don't remember their name...)
I don't remember the name of these either,
 but I remember that they were the first plant that Becca had in NL after she moved.
 This is growing outside @ Mrs. Neilson's!

Lilac at Mrs. Neilson's.

Her arbor and redbud tree.
Is this a johnny-jump-up?  Whatever it is, I thought it was super cheerful!
They were growing all along the trail.
California poppy, I believe!
Another very cheerful flower that are growing everywhere at the moment.
Dad spotted these tiny little flowers.
The bloom is the size of my diamond!
This pink one was about the same size.

Like I said, I've never been a rose person. But these are stunning!

Mrs. Neilson picked three from her garden for me.
So that is why I think it is spring in Atascadero!

On Saturday the guys went paintballing for Ethan's birthday.
Mom and Dad invited me to go walking with them.  We did the Jim Green trail, then went across tracks and walked a ways on another one, kinda towards the river.  It was fun watching the golfers!  The hills are green and wildflowers popping out everywhere.

Looking down at the golf course.

Didn't get too close to these!

Did I mention that it was a beautiful day?!

Skull of something by the side of trail.

Pine Mountain in the background.

After Matthew got home and showered, we stopped by Merry Hill to get blended coffee and chia tea, then went for a drive in the hills. SO pretty!
Nelson, Cherisa, and Hailey came for dinner and the evening.

Yesterday I biked to Grammy's to help Aunt Ruth do her flower pots.  It was toasty on their back patio, but it was lots of fun to get dirty and see the pots get all pretty under her capable hands!  I visited with Grammy after Aunt Ruth left and then Grampsy insisted on getting In 'n' Out for lunch.  While he was gone, I played the piano and Grammy rested.  As I was biking home, Tyler went by in his truck on his way to their house.  I believe he was going to do some yard work and spend the rest of the afternoon with them.  
I was SUPER excited to find this in the mail upon arriving home!  YAY!
Been waiting almost 4 weeks for it.

Today, mom picked Cherisa, Hailey, and me up.  We drove to Cayucos, stopping by Ron's building project.  He showed us around, cute little place, and showed Hailey off to the workers!  Then we went down to the beach and walked.  We ate lunch in the truck, and watched the waves.  Then we drove down the Costco for a few things.  It is in the 80s again today!
(I'll have pictures of today next time, but they aren't loaded.)

Better go make some of Lana's spice mix and cut up the london broil to start some 
beef jerky for Hunter Liggett!  

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