Sunday, October 22, 2017

Catching up Jan-June 2017

This is a picture of a picture from last summer. Uncle Phil always had time to chat. I'll miss his subtle humor and deep thoughts. I'm so thankful I got to know him for 3.5 years!philYou will notice a lot of these and food pics! Training for a marathon was a huge challenge and tons of fun!runThe Cayucos beach after some winter storms..veggies

Veggies from Talley Farms

One of Matthew's first attempts at latte art on our home espresso machine!artrunning

Yes, another runner's high..


Hiked with Lauren one day to the "M" on Cerro San Luis

Matthew was award "Top 20 under 40" Tribune Award! Got to have lunch at the Madonna Inn!


Trying to stay fit and my endurance up while coping with a foot injury. Several long bike rides helped a lot. And was fun to discover running water more places around!water in cak and acass

Evening at Kevin and Addie's. So sweet that Arly will snuggle with Matthew!

margaritaflooddaffsstickyI made granola bars several times with cheap parchment paper. We had to scrap it off little by little. Later I found out that I could use the iron to heat it up and then peel the paper right off!cookiesMatthew and Troy making cookies.

motivationSometimes I needed a little inspiration to keep training! Remembering those other races and the people that helped me get there was inspiring.dinnerMatthew and I took Mom and Dad out to a nice dinner at Bueno Tavolo.

supriseOne Saturday when I was grocery shopping and Matthew wasn't feeling well at home, I stopped to get some frozen yogurt. Someone was a little happy! BTW, be sure to notice the pictures of Matthew over the next few months!omeletIt is interesting to look back on how I was eating several months ago and how it has evolved.sunsetRCLong run at GrizzlysandwichMatthew fell in love with hot bagels sandwiches with salami, pesto, gouda cheese, and artichoke hearts!run timeThis Sunday we apparently slept in in the morning and did our long run in the afternoon. We ran the first mile together and then Matthew went ahead. Below is me coming back. I forget what distance it was that day, but it was the farthest I'd ever gone!donegrassrunningtreeWhen I stopped running so much, I realized I missed all these beautiful scenes from along the way! LOVE flowering trees!runniinghikingOne day I didn't have ANYthing to do! I drove to the coast to enjoy a day at the beach just chillin'. But it was cold and foggy! I drove up the coast to Cambria, and then stopped on 46 above the fog and enjoyed some peace and quiet.rashI have a lot of these pictures at different stages. From last October to the end of August, my rash continually spread and got worse. There's no describing the frustration, pain, confusion, and helplessness of those months. You don't know unless you've been through something similar.epic/nuttreebabyThis baby donkey was the cutest ever! They were a welcome distraction on a 17 mile early morning run! Some of them even ran along the fence with me.chicklunch20 milerRaceSLO did a 10 and 20 mile practice run on the new marathon course. This is me almost finished! Many thanks to Larry who hung back with me on his bike to make sure I didn't get lost WAY behind the pack! It was a glorious day!\/awesomesamSo thankful for Samantha who has believed in me when I wanted to give up. Not just in running, but my healing journey and leading GYA run club. She is an inspiration.rugI sewed together 6 coffee bags to make a rug for the back deck.burgerMatthew's burgeroh mydinner//Another early morning run../This above is spaghetti squash pad Thai./Matthew enjoying his new hammockbikesBusy morning at Joebella's!latteThis was an impromptu latte competition at Joebella's!michaelFarewell Michael! driving/In Washington for Grandma Jorgensen's celebration of life.grandmaGrandma Jorgensen, Arlene
We are in Portland airport on our way home from Grandma's celebration of life. I haven't been to many memorial services but I'm so glad to have experienced hers. There are so many things I want to take from her life, remember her by, and honor her by implementing them into my life.
Her smile
Her hugs
"Thank you"
Marriage relationship with Grandpa
Listening with undivided attention
Respect and appreciation for a life -family
The last time they visited us in CA, they came with mom and dad, SB, and Matthew to Joebella's one Saturday morning I was working. They sat in the corner and she didn't say much. They stayed for quite awhile. The next time I saw her, later that day, she told me that my smile was a gift from God and I brighten people's day by giving that smile to them. She had observed this while sitting in the corner at the coffee shop with the family. She had been watching ME! At her celebration of life, person after person remembered her smile and how it warmed their hearts and always lift their spirits. That her simple smile changed their day! And that is what she had told me I have the power to do. I feel like since she informed me of the gift and power I have inherited it from her though I am no blood relation and really anyone can practice this gift!
Her hugs. I come Newfoundland, where everyone hugs. I am part Clem, who hug. So to hear everyone remember her hugs and that it meant unconditional acceptance, was a great reinforcement. Touching people (Jesus touching diseased people), embracing them heart to heart, putting our differences and unique personalities right between my arms. Acting on the concept of acceptance. It doesn't mean I agree or approve, but I don't have to hold them at arms length. Bring them in close.
Mom said Grandma said 'thank you' for everything, right up to the last kiss mom gave her on the forehead she mouthed the words. A thankful heart. And how are people going to know you have a thankful heart unless you express it? So Margaret, stop and be thankful. And then SAY that you are thankful.
Having people talk about her relationship with Grandpa and hearing Grandpa's stories of the quiet humor and appreciation they shared together was a great reminder and encouragement. I observed their relationship, the gentle display of love, respect, and appreciation for the other. I want that in my relationship with Matthew. I want people to say that about us to carry on this heritage and example. We don't have to agree on everything (then you don't need the other person according to Grandpa). This type of oneness doesn't just happen, it can't be only shown in public. It has to be an every day commitment, the every day relationship, the every day showing of love, respect, and appreciation for each other. Every day working through differences and bumps. Forgiving, understanding, giving grace in misunderstandings. Matthew has the qualities it takes to have this relationship, he has their example and the desire to follow in their legacy. I need to work on the qualities this will take.
People also talked about her listening skills. How when she asked a question she gave her full attention to your reply. Or when you talked to her she gave 100% of her attention. You felt heard. Larry, the pastor there, was also a good listener. How do you make someone feel heard and significant? I think I can listen pretty good but I think I need to stop talking back so much. Always having a reply, a story, an answer. Always sharing a related story. Not that that is never okay, but sometimes sharing back takes away from the impact of what the person has shared with me. I don't ever mean it in the way of 'my story is better than yours' or 'I know more than you'. But that's the way it is eventually going to come across. Margaret, learn to appreciate someone's story for what it is. Don't add to it. Because really you're taking away from it.
Selflessness. Not needing to talk about herself, serving in the background, interested in others. This is another way people remembered her. I love attention and to be recognized for my acts of service and what I know. Margaret, remember WHY you do what you do. I serve and give because God loves me and I have his unconditional, undeserved love. He gave Jesus Christ for me. If I am tapped into His never ending, overflowing fountain of love and giving, then I can give from abundance and not for recognition.
Celebrating Grandma was a beautiful experience. Appreciating a person for all their qualities. It made me thankful for my family. Appreciate them for the person God made them and not build a wall because of differences. Respect a person for who they are and not how they make me feel. grandpahikingHunter LiggettblakeRattlesnakelupinsastronautMike Mullaney - a real live astronaut! He gave a talk to the Grizzly cadets and Matthew was rather stoked to meet him!sbmomtruckMy little car next to Salisha's truck! I couldn't see my car at all from the other side!daddySharing our beach spot with Daddy and Momma.
beachuswafflesSanta Margarita lake day! (I had to work ;(
lake daywheyThis is when things really started changing for Matthew!/matthewHume lake camping!
direlakechalkt and aSo fun to participate in Terran and Ally's special day! Congrats you two!blooms