Wednesday, December 4, 2013


One of our favorite things to do is.... EAT!  We are actually getting quite good at it =)  For the most part, I've been able to fool Matthew into thinking I'm a good cook (heheehe).  I've really enjoyed making meals and trying new recipes, and modifying them so I can actually eat them without too much paying for it!

Here is roasted tritip with carrots and potatoes, and zucchini.

We got tilapia for a good price but I didn't know how to fix it, besides fish tacos and I didn't have the ingredients for that.  So I looked up a recipe that called for parmesan cheese and parsley, which I didn't have, but used mozzarella and basil instead.  That recipe was a keeper!

Often things I make are a bit different that Matthew is used to.  Chili with beans?  But he is always willing to try, sometimes he likes it and sometimes he describes how he is used to it so I can try that way next time!  The chili was a success!  (the cornbread that went with it wasn't so great, but hey, I was using gluten free flour and honey!)

Here is the tilapia in fish tacos.  (And yes, on the counter to the left are pomegranates that our landlady asked me to pick off her tree for her, then she gave them all to me!


During the week we have scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.  This was one Saturday we made waffles, that didn't turn out too great, but it was fun to have something different.

Matthew's parents got us a grill for our wedding present.  Matthew was SO excited!  So we got out a tritip to grill.

The light on the back deck doesn't work the best and it was really dark, so he used the head lamp.  Which was a brilliant idea, but looked hilarious! (hairlarious)
 Had Mom's pea salad and baked potatoes with that,
And of course a glass bottled coke (2 for $0.99 at the 99 cent store!)

Finally got to experience Kia Lana!  That is the Sushi Restaurant that is at the end of our street that Matthew raves about.  It was my first time to try sushi and I loved it!  It was called California Baja roll, really mild, crab and avocado wrapped in seaweed, rice and then a piece of raw tuna on the outside.  It was super good!
 Matthew had the special which was called 'Oh Baby'.  It was tasty, but a bit too much raw meat at once for me, and him, and the relish stuff on top wasn't the best.  The only thing about sushi is I wish they could make the rolls a bit smaller.  Since you are supposed to eat it all in one bit (and you need to so you can taste all the flavors together) it is hard to chew and swallow, especially that much raw meat. But it was fun, especially trying to get those into your mouth with chopsticks, which I'd never used!

Chickens were on sale for $0.70 per lb.  I love the deals here!  

This is Henrietta and her friend (anybody want to name her?)

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  1. Looks great - I think Ms. Chicken looks like a Gladys to me!


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