Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend with Family

(Sorry, I guess this one didn't get posted a few weeks ago!)

We went to Brad and Vanessa's Friday morning to meet up with them and Nelson and Cherisa.
 From there we headed to Oso Flaco, stopping in Pismo at the Dinosaur Park for a picnic lunch.

 This is a type of lupin.  I think dusty, or silver, and grows on a bush.  
Really interesting!

Looking at the scenery.
Board walk all the way to the beach.

Sarah Beth

Finally you top out over a sand dune and this lays before you!

 On Saturday we met Mr. and Mrs. Morey for lunch at the Great American Fish Co. in Morro Bay.  After that, we drove out to the rock, walked to the breakwater to sit on a rock and watch the waves.  Brad and Vanessa, Austin and Sarah Beth met us there.  From there we went to Cayucos to go bike riding!  We went on a dead-end road that crawls back into the hills, winding between the brown hills, orchards of avocados, oranges, and lemons in the valleys, and cattle ranging over the hills. After about 4 1/2 miles or so it turns into a dirt road for awhile.  Then ends at a gate to a ranch/farm.  I didn't realize how far up we had gone until we started back.  Most of the way back is coasting! FUN! Except I was on Matthew's bike which has a tiny seat that is super uncomfy!  So I stood up almost the whole way back! It was a lot of fun and great exercise.

From there we went to Cambria. I love it there.  The beach is smaller and some areas have rocks.  The bluffs are closer to the water... I'm comparing them mostly to Morro Bay and Cayucos I guess, though they definitely have beauty, too. I just feel more at home in Cambria!

The waves were so pretty!  Matthew took TONS of picture, and it was hard to pick just a few.

Notice the sun shining THROUGH the waves in some of these

So fun to be with Dad and Mom more,
And Austin and Sarah Beth -
I love my new family!

Dad found a starfish!

Sarah Beth took a few shots of us.

The setting sun made the sand and gravel glow.
 The sun shining through the waves was amazing!

This was the first time I remember watching the sun setting into the ocean.  It was really neat to say it simply.  

From here we went to Main Street Grill for dinner!  So yummy!  As we were finishing up, the Payton family came in, with Maggie and Uncle Troy.  Super good to see them! Brad and Vanessa dropped our bikes off at our house, and we invited them in for tea.  We were all really tired, but it was relaxing to drink some tea and have some CHOCOLATE!  (Since that weekend I've put the chocolate out of easy reach so we can't get to it!)  After they left, we ran out for some groceries since we had no eggs, bread, milk, water..etc. in the house!
Great first Thanksgiving weekend in the USA!
Many fun memories and sweet moments.
So very thankful for my new family, our cozy apartment, our health (despite a minor head cold), our strength, and freedom to enjoy the country and move around in it.
So many blessings,
Thank you Lord.

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