Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Honeymoon in Newfoundland

Hello everyone!  

So here begins this blog, in Bay Robert's, NL, October 19th through Wednesday morning, the 23rd.

We stayed in this cute little cottage.  It was very cozy and had everything we needed.
 On Sunday afternoon we went to Mad Rock.  The waves were crashing in spectacularly.  These are a few pictures out of TONS!

 Monday we drove up the coast stopping whenever and wherever we felt like.  Here we hiked along the rocks almost out to the point.
On the other side of the cove was this church.  We parked and ate our lunch here.

 Further down the road at Harbor Grace.  This is the SS Kyle.

That evening we feasted on a homemade dinner of Garlic Steak strips, sweet potato fries, and asparagus.  Yummy!

On Tuesday we head towards Portugal Cove, driving along the coast.  This is at Brigus.  We walked around the town, despite being FREEZING cold!
 The tunnel.  Made made using gunpowder, the drill bits being sharpened at a forge that was built near by just for this project.  It took 4 months to complete.
 The dogberries kept astounding me!  The branches on this tree were bending over they were so heavy with berries!
 I missed the road we were supposed to take to get back to the car so we ended up walking around the entire town!  A bit of a walk, but we really enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful fall colors.

A bit further down the road we saw this sign and HAD to turn around to get a picture of it!  It was humorous at the time, but later on it comes into play in a sobering way.

 Reached Portugal Cove just in time to enjoy a stunning sunset, my last seen in NL!  Matthew took these on his phone, which did a good job, but couldn't capture to amazing it was.

 It is so much fun to share life together, even simple things like brushing teeth... well, that's not the full story... and trying to make the other one laugh and not laugh yourself and spew toothpaste all over the place ;)

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