Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We arrived in Monterey in time to get settled into our room and go to dinner (at Paperika's!).  This was our room on the top floor looking over Cannery Row.

 Yes, real wood fireplace!  We didn't use ours, but it was neat to smell the wood smoke and see all the wood.
When they found out what we were there for, this appeared in our room!  yumm!

We almost always used the outside staircase, this being the view from up there.

Saturday we went to the aquarium!
 So much to see!  Wow, really cool, amazing to see so many animals and plants, so much life.

Sunday around noon we headed to the rental shop.  We were thinking of renting bikes, but once there started drooling over the kayak!
 It was a TON of fun!  There was quite a bit of a swell on which made it a bit interesting.  And you can only go so far in each direction and so far from shore, but a really neat experience.

 Spindrift Inn is the building to the left of the tower.  That is where we stayed.
 That evening we walked to Old Fisherman's Grotto for dinner.  Absolutely wonderful experience!  At the end of your meal, they bring the lady a flower.  There was a young family near us who were leaving about the same time as us.  The little girl was SO pleased that she got a flower, too!

Monday morning we headed back in the rain to A-town, arriving around noon.

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