Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weekend sick, curtains, job interview, and VISITORS!

(This was supposed to post before the last one! It got mixed up I guess.)
Over the Thanksgiving holidays I had a minor cold, the next weekend Matthew came down with it, except a bit worse.  He worked on getting his old computer cleaned up and organized.  This is what the living room looked like for a few days!

I made pomegranate juice!  I didn't make TOO huge of a mess and it was really tasty while it lasted!

When climbing rocks on our honeymoon, Matthew tripped and tore a hole in his good jeans.  This is my attempt at mending it without getting my sewing machine out!

This is kind of dark, but what I'm going to
try for kitchen curtains.

This was an apron, I'm going to try to do something
with it for the door window, below....

Thrifting one day with Mom and Cherisa I saw this sign and had a good laugh!  I had to send the picture to Matthew.

Matthew got a job interview so I went with him and took a nap in the car while he had fun talking computers and networking with the interviewers.  They were impressed enough to hire him!  We have been doing lots of praying and are really excited about this new position and opportunity.  It is for a charter school, Grizzly Youth Academy.  They have approximately 200 students and 10 teachers, Matthew will be the sole Network/computer support.  Their program is really neat... kind of for kids, with non-violent pasts, but having trouble in school.  They have a 5 month program that gets them through highschool.  The teachers and everybody involved really care about the kids.

This is where the interview was, but the school is across Highway 1
and back towards SLO a few miles.

David and Becca got into town Sunday evening.  We met them at Starbucks for a little while.

This is at Nelson and Cherisa's on Monday evening.  They had Shane and Reanne, as well as Ruthie and Annabella (Michael was out of town on business).  It was fun to watch the girls play together and the different personalities!

They came over on Wednesday, the 11th.  Sierra helped me bring up all the Bitty Baby stuff.

Renae finally took a nap!  She was too excited to, even though we had gone to San Luis Obispo and back!
So fun to have them visit!  Especially to help David celebrate his 28th birthday!  They are supposed to be back in town for the rest of this week, looking forward to seeing them again.

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