Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Animals at my House and...

This morning I was sound asleep when Matthew asked, "Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?"
"Huh?" it went into my dream and I didn't even wake up all the way.
"Do you want the good news or the bad first?" he repeated.
"mmmm..." my brain tried to figure out a response, but couldn't process it, though I woke up a bit more hearing his chuckle at me trying to get my eyes opened.
"Okay then, the good news is that I slept longer and really well, the bad news is that it is now 7 o'clock!" (Normally we get up between 6:40-45 so he can leave by 7:23.)
I processed that, groaned, laid there a moment longer, noticed the room wasn't freezing cold like it has been the last few weeks, Matthew rolled out of bed and I sat up, rubbing my eyes.  He left for work just a bit after 7:30, showered, breakfasted, and coffee to go!

Last night, Uncle Jim read from Isaiah 40 and Philippians 2, going over the attributes of the Spirit that LIVES inside of each of God's children.  It has power, love, wisdom... and the Spirit is WORKING in lives.  We can't 'help God out', but we can be in tune to His will to know what he would have us to be to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  To have fellowship, sharing our common bond and encouraging each other in our faith.  At least that is basically what I got out of it!

Right now Weldon and Lucinda as well as Ryan and Alisha and Emma are in town.
It has been fun to see them and catch up a little bit.
After meeting and visiting, some of us went to McDonald's to help Austin celebrate
the completion of his first semester in college!  His last finals were yesterday.  We didn't
leave until after 10.  Ryan said that the man at the cashier was glad to see us.  He was about to
leave, but had to stay when we came and he needs the extra hours.  His gladness to see us
didn't improve his abilities, but hey, at least it helped him out! ;)

I love looking out of the windows of my tree house!
There is usually some kind of 'wildlife' to see.  Matthew startled some deer a few mornings ago,
and David and Becca saw a fox when they came.
This is Annabelle

You can often find this bluebird/jay in Annabelle's pasture.
It always makes me think of the birds that stay near the zebras!

Occasionally I hear a rack outside and it is usually the Quail family going by.
Speaking of which, they are behind the house venturing out of the bushes for a day of foraging.

They are so plump!  I've never eaten quail, but I'd sure like to try!
Yes, this is Alberto!  A few days ago, he spent almost the entire day
scrounging around on the sides of the driveway.  He only
scurries off a little ways when I come down the stairs to go
to the garage.

Matthew was doing a walk around with some technician for some new cabling.
They were really impressed with this job!  Outside, between two buildings
with vines growing on it! 

Okay, so those were probably fairly boring, but now I'm going to get together a post on our Saturday!  Talk to you soon!  Margaret

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