Monday, January 6, 2014

A Big Bird and Family Gift Dinner

Matthew and I were sitting on the loveseat after he got home from work one day, when a movement caught my eye.  We looked out the window to see this large bird landing in the top of a tree!  Matthew grabbed the camera, some of the pictures are taken through the window, and then he went outside.  It was a majestic bird, maybe a golden eagle?

It soon flew away.  I think our place was too lowly.  He needs a high crag or lofty peak to perch upon!

I sure wouldn't want to be caught by those claws!  Can you see the details of his wings?

A family tradition that Vanessa-mom started long ago....
Is to have a nice dinner and give each person a gift she had picked up.  Usually something from a thrift store or a really good sale, but she couldn't wait until their birthdays to give it!  The kids have fond memories of these occasions.  At Thanksgiving dinner, Matthew and I got to talking with Nelson and Cherisa and Austin and Sarah Beth.  We thought it would be fun to do another one, but have it a surprise for Mom.  Not the actual dinner, but how it would work!  Nelson and Cherisa hosted it at their house.  Cherisa cooked a turkey with several sides and rolls, Nelson made sweet potato casserole, Matthew made green bean casserole, Mom made cranberry sauce, and SB made dessert, a yummy peanut butter chocolate pie, Black Bottom pie I think is what it was called!
This is Dad carving the bird.  His apron didn't quite fit ;)

We had fun dressing up!

 For the gift giving, several weeks in advance, we put our names in a bowl and then each person drew a name and didn't tell anyone else who they were to get a gift for.  It was supposed to be an inexpensive gift, simple.  We brought the gifts in and put them in the baby room.  Then Cherisa took each person aside to ask which gift was for who.  She put them on the plates so she was the only one who knew the givers.  We ALL brought a gift for Mom, her chair is the blue one!

She was very surprised!
It was fun to give back in this little way to someone so special that has given so much in many ways to so many people.   She is a huge blessing in all of our lives, it was an attempt to say "thank you Mom, we love you!"

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