Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cherisa's birthday and a few odds and ends

 Some of the family met at Sylvester's to help Cherisa celebrate her birthday.  They have GREAT burgers!

Matthew's going to love it that I added this picture! ;)
Summer was having a ball pulling Brooklynn's hair!

This is Matthew's first haircut from me!
Very thankful for Vanessa-mom's coaching,
tips, and encouragement!!!

The menu for one Sunday evening gathering was pizzas, so I made a gluten and pork free one.
It was stacked with turkey sausage, peppers and onions and enough cheese to hold it altogether!

The kids made gingerbread houses.  (The kids including some of the young people
and adults who had never made one before!)

I forget what this is called, but it blows a ball of air across the room a good ways.  It is strong enough to blow one's hair back or a napkin off a table!  The kids, and kids at heart, were having a blast with them!

Some of the guys sang.

The little kids were in their own world with this table cart.
After eating, we sang for awhile.  I've got a TON of songs to learn!  I know maybe 35% of the ones they sing here.  I think I'll record on my phone the next Sunday sing so I can play it back and learn the songs!

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  1. Grandmommy was going to take us to Sylvester's but, as was the case with other things on our to-do list, we ran out of time.


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