Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday

 These days we kind of took it easy, did some stuff around the house, etc.  We did go skating Wednesday at the 1:00 session.  There were three pre-teen girls, a young flirty couple, and a 5 year old girl who we helped some.  (She doesn't really like dogs or cats, but does like turtles!  And she has 2 Pinkalicious books! And her stuffed toys sleep on the bottom bunk and she sleeps on the top--- so funny!)  It was tons of fun to pretty much have a private session, I'm not sure, but I think Austin even got the nice music going for us!

Matthew's grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli for sides, yum!
Thursday we went to Morro Rock and watched the surfers for awhile (and the people on the beach battling the wind).  It was quite interesting and entertaining.
Then we went further up to Cayucos Beach.  We walked along the water until we found a nice little cove that was partially sheltered from the wind.

 We read and snacked until the wind shifted enough that we were getting sandblasted!
We went back to the car and sat in there reading and knitting.  Then some kite surfers came.  That was REALLY cool.  One of them would occasionally get a good jump.  Super neat.... now I want to try it!

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