Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Matthew took his leftover vacation before starting his new job.  He had a whole week off!  We made the most of it.
This is Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo.
We were down there doing some errands and met Kevin and Addie
at Taco Bell for lunch as well.

Crazy gross!

So much fun to do everything with my best friend!

Then the two of us hiked Madonna Mountain, technically Cerro San Luis Obispo.

Bishop Peak is on the left.

Closer of Bishop Peak.  (just with my phone so sorry, not the greatest pictures!)

Right in the middle of this picture is the parking lot where we started.

They say these are volcanic mountains.  There are some really interesting rock formations.
This is one that reoccured all along the path and I thought was interesting.

The very top of the mountain!

And that was the first day of our holiday!  We went home, had dinner, and Matthew went to the men's meeting.  I did odds and ends around the house and then read a D.E. Stevens book!


  1. Which book are you reading? I enjoy your blog but can you please send me an invite through my own e-mail as I always have to go thru Lucy's to get to it. Thx.......Sonja

  2. It was "Shoulder the Sky". Continuing the live of James and Rhoda and Jock and Marmie. Once I started reading, I realized I've read it before, but I couldn't remember everything! Margaret


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