Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a few pictures I missed...

I came across a few pictures I thought you all would like to see, but that I had missed uploading to share with you!  It goes back to the Friday of December camp.

I thought this was cute "Hug Hogg"!

Austin had to work Friday, so he rode with us to camp.

This is where we set up and the only picture I have at camp!  Sorry folks!
After camp some went to Central Coast Pizza.  Many more memories for Matthew and me as that is what we did last year! 
Craig, Lynn, and Charissa, Cherisa, ?, and Nelson

Tammi, Greg, Brennan, Wyatt, Sam, Ashley and their cute little girl.

Vanessa, Carol, Jim, and Brad

Angela, Kailey, and Sarah Beth

Trevor, Austin, and Jared

Lonely Derrick!

This is from New Year's Eve.  I made donuts!  The didn't look exactly like donuts, but tasted okay.

This goes back to when the Turpin kids arrived at the airport in SLO.  This is their plane.

Lucy and Ian came in and we were visiting, when Tom came up behind Tanya.

Sorry about the blur, I was trying to take pictures without being
She was SO surprised!  Fun, fun!

This is when Ian, Lucy, Tom came for supper after ice-skating.

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