Thursday, January 16, 2014

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

We pretty much just took it easy and stayed around the house until the evening ice-skating session.  We met Austin and SB, and Kimberly and Lindsay were there, too - fun to see them!  It was noisy and crowded, but it was fun to be together.

After skating we had to go grocery shopping.  It was after 8:30 when we got home.  I put away the groceries and then Matthew chased me from the kitchen!  He made me a chia tea latte with almond milk, 
and then made waffles for dinner.

Thanks for the waffle maker Poppa and Granny!
We love it!  It turns out the waffles really fast since
it makes two at a time!

They were delicious!
And then he cleaned up the kitchen (his mess, YIKES!) all by himself.
He takes such good care of me!

Sunday evening

Most of the young people went to the evening skating session Sunday evening.  It was tons of fun!  I held my breath and covered my eyes quite a bit.  I was SURE there were going to be some missing teeth and broken bones before the evening was over!  Thankfully everyone came through with just some nice bruises!  There was another youth group skating and I had an encouraging chat with a girl whose sweater said, "God over Money".  God is her Savior and Redeemer!  Exciting to met a sister in Christ and talk about the One who gave His life so we could have that relationship.

Austin zambonied afterwards.  He's been working there for several weeks.

Sorry I didn't get more pictures of the evening. 

(Matthew's last day of vacation.)

I know this is inappropriate...
but it is really funny as this car is totally electric!
Because of me not having insurance yet, I had to go to one place to get
a vaccine and Matthew had to go to another place (a long story short, believe me!)
Between appointments, we went to Merry Hill coffee and tea shop.  I had been there once before
with Paige and Lucinda and really liked it since they have all kinds of milk and sweetener options!
Matthew fell in love with the little shop as well.  Our blended lattes were DELICIOUS!  Definitely going back!
All vaccined up with nice sore arms!

 On Wednesday Matthew worked outside putting some junk in Mrs. Neilson's old truck and some stuff moved so it can't be seen from the front anymore.  Looks SO much better!
Monday we started working on the basement (whoops, garage I mean!).  We still don't have shelves for my containers, but we did get them organized somewhat and our big dining room table put up in the storage thingy - nice and safe until we actually have a place to use it!

(story: we don't have any kind of saw, so Matthew drilled holes in the white board until he could break it! Such a genius - and red neck ;)

Now Matthew can get the car in there again!

So that was our fun, full week of vacation!  Matthew is off to his new job, dressing up every morning in 'business casual' (he looks so professional and handsome!), taking a lunch (he's going to get tired of tuna sandwiches soon, if you have lunch ideas please let me know!), leaving at 7:25 and getting home around 5:40.  I had lots of plans to keep me busy, but right now I'm trying to get rid of yet ANOTHER sore throat!  Camp Yeager is coming up this weekend, looking forward to that a TON and yes, I'll attempt to get more pictures there than I did at December camp!

Until next time.... ~Margaret =)
P.S. Matthew takes the majority of the pictures! 
(with the exception of this post)

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