Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Camp 2014 (and a finished product at the end!)

We did some reminiscing as May Camp approached.
1 year ago we announced our engagement!
This camp was a lot more fun and relaxed. 
 I like being married :)
Not worrying about chaperones and who's going to go where with you and how I am going to get there, how Matthew's going to get there....  Just, 'hey, you ready to go?' 'Sure.' Hop in the car and go home.  Or 'whew, I'd love a shower', 'okay, let's run home and grab one before dinner.' And off we go!
Ella, SB, James and Megan's twin girls, and Sarah 
Claire riding the trike
The kids had a blast on their bikes, trikes and striders, and a scooter.

The two foosball games got lots of use!

Ronan in the playhouse.

I think this is Drew, Davy and Erin's boy.


Brennan in the playhouse window


Craig and Uncle Jerry with their wood working machines.  They made all kinds of stuff for the kids.  Bracelets, toys, etc.  The kids and guys watched them for a long time.  It was very interesting,
Ladies sitting in the shade where there was a breeze.  Pretty warm during the weekend.

Jimmy working on Jamie's coffee machine.
We did some catching up.  I also got a quick chat in with Johnny.
Good to see them again!

Ladies preparing dinner one afternoon.

Shelley's last camp ;(  I'll miss her lots.

Kristy playing softball.  Had a brief but good chat with her one evening RIGHT before meeting.

Nelson up to bat!

Love this one of Summer!

Ready to play softball, but waiting in the shade, smart girls!

Jimmy and Dad having a chat.

My phone didn't capture the vivid pink and yellow these two flowers.
The contrast was really pretty.

We walked up to the pond with Eric and Annie Saturday afternoon.

Deer carcass in the middle of this picture.
We had lots of warnings to stay close to camp, or venture out in groups.
Mountain lions and a bear with a cub had been wandering around.

Pond way down from last year. 
Cactus flower.

Sunday morning we arrived, not early, but in time to be of
assistance to Kev, Addie, Davie, and their friend.
The guys fried the sausage and then the scrambled eggs.
Addie, Ella, and I put the mcmuffins together and
 Matthew took them in to the warmer.
It was a lot of fun.

Oh yes, and can't forget our English muffin toasters!
Zach, Ethan (I think), and Alex with Elizabeth as the deliverer.
 I adore these next pictures!
I got a video as well, but they don't seem to be playing, so I'll stick to pictures.
But you can SEE the action going on!
Kylie and Bodie, she JUST sat down hard. 
Now Bodie splashes!
And this one, you can see Kylie on her way down.  They'd just pick up their legs and SIT!
We were all laughing, and getting soaked.

An envious looker-on.  I don't remember her name...
She's Wes and Ruth Anne's if I remember correctly.

Then Ruth came.  She lives near Glen and Annie and rescued these puppies recently.

Three boys, Boston/Russel Terrier mix

Callie falling in love, as did everybody!
Glen and Jon grilling bread for tri-tip sandwiches.

Cutting up the trip-tip.  Was delicious!

Emmaline and me.
The meetings were really good and strengthening, but it was great to see and be part of many conversations all between as well.  Brad encouraged us Saturday morning to get back to 'ground zero', the foundation.  To focus on things of God and the gospel.  That evening was a sharing in song and testimony meeting.  Lots of well put together songs and sincere hearts.  I think a favorite had to be Michael and Annabella singing "When I am Afraid"!  Nancy B. was telling about her adopted doggie.  How when they go for a walk the dog is behind her, in front of her, off to the side, stopping short, straining at the leash... and how that is like us.  God never lets go of us, but so often we are all over the place trying to take control and do things our way.  Made me think back to the Tandem Bike Illustration someone shared awhile back.  How they finally gave God the front seat, but then wouldn't pedal, and a tandem bike is really hard to steer without pedaling!  'Pedal like mad!'  I also really enjoyed Tommy Maurer's song that evening, though I can't remember the name of it now. Also Paige and Addie sang.... oh, forget the name of that one too.  Something about God cares and wants to help you with every little thing, no matter how insignificant it may seem to other humans.  (Right?.. =)

Sunday morning, Uncle Jim started with James 5:13-18.  "Is anyone struggling?  Let him..." etc.  To encourage each other, to lift up and strengthen.  And then how we need humility and to confess our weaknesses and faults with one another to get help.  We tend to hide the things we have struggles with, but then we'll never improve.  (Yesterday Paige and I had a short, but good conversation on this as wives.  The things we want to change to strengthen and build up our husbands.)   That evening was sing and testimonies again.

Monday morning Uncle Jerry gave a "Recipe from God".  (He's into dutch oven cooking and likes any recipe for those!)  He read Ps. 37:1--10  Do not fret, trust > do good.  There is NO circumstance that you can not trust God in.  My mind went to some of the women I greatly respect who have victory despite devastating and drastic circumstances.  I praise and thank the Lord for you!  Like Shane said Sunday before last, we trust in things that seem like they will always be (assemblies, marriage, money).  But then that drops away, and I pray to God that we hold fast to Him, He WILL NOT LET US DOWN.

 I shared several times a saying I heard once, one person says to another, "How are you doing?" "Oh, pretty good, under the circumstances."  "Well, what are you doing UNDER the circumstances?!"  With God as our Anchor and Guide, we can not only survive through trials, storms, but THRIVE!  Uncle Jim recently shared a story from someone he knew.  She had several children, single mom, working hard to provide for them, but one evening had no food.  She went into her room and prayed. She came out and the kids asked her what was for dinner.  She went back into her room and prayed.  Came out, "What's to eat, mom?" Went back in and prayed... several times.  Then there was a knock on the door, and yes, bags of groceries.  Okay, that's powerful, but since you don't know the story personally, maybe it doesn't hit you all that much.  But you know those milestones in your life where you KNOW God worked.  I had one just last week.  I was discouraged and blue, frustrated.  It was Wednesday morning and Paige was going to pick me up.  I knew that she and Ryan were probably feeling about the same.  I wanted to encourage her and lift her up, I kept trying to think of what to talk about or what to say, but couldn't come up with anything.  I turned on some music as I got ready and the first song was "He Lives".  "I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today.... HE LIVES, HE LIVES"  Wow, God's not dead, He's ALIVE, He IS working.  Then I thought of the song, "Because He Lives...I can face tomorrow...."  And my whole outlook on the day changed.  Soon after Paige picked me up, I just bursted out with my thoughts and we had a great talk and I just got more encouraged, and I think she did, too!  Anyway, enough of my gabbing!

"The finished product":
Finished putting together the rug.

Quite happy with it for my first try.
And no, I'm not planning on keeping it...
does anybody want it?

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