Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Bouquet - a walk through Grammy Steven's garden... and more

I biked over to Grammy's one day,
and found that Shirley and Missy had just finished washing windows, and Ryan was there as well.
Before they all left, Grammy insisted that they gather bouquets!
Since I couldn't carry them home, I took pictures.

This one was about 9 inches across!  Some were almost as big as a dinner plate!

Lucy's visit
When Nancy and Lucy got back from their cross-country trip, I had her over for a day.  We didn't have a vehicle, but still had fun!
Walking to Bargain Market for some groceries
Singing like old times.
Comparing problems with their iPhones :)
 So fun to be with her, catch up on what is going on in our lives and reconnect!  Thanks for coming :)

One day I went down to Aunt Polly's to help her unload wedding decorations from the trailer they took to Ashley's wedding.

Then she had to go pick up Ashley's car from the shop,
so I dropped her off and she let me borrow her car to run a few errands!
That was really nice.
Sewing a maxi-skirt, I found out a 'new' way to do a double stitch hem line.  Others probably came up with this long ago ;) but I was quite excited to discover it!
After sewing around once, move the needle all the way to the left.  Go around again with the same distance from the presser foot to the gauge, 5/8ths, 1 inch, whatever.
 Another biking adventure with Kathy!

We turned around at Cayucos Pier.  I don't remember exactly where we started but round trip was around 8 miles.
We also stopped at the Gift and Thrift, and had to go back with the vehicle to pick up our purchases!
Then Taco Bell for lunch!  Thought was kinda a funny way to go through the drive-thru :)
 'New' car!
Bought a Mazda3 hatchback, 2004
It was in Fresno, so we drove over one Saturday morning, bought the car, and then had to drive back.
Getting out of Fresno following Matthew was rather interesting.  Don't think I really care for that city;)
This was my view for about 2 hours.

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