Thursday, May 29, 2014


Wow, I've fallen behind on posting!  My apologies:)
I need to load pictures, but while that is happening,
I'll show you what we did the day after Hunter Ligget camp.
We hiked a trail in Harmony Headlands State Park.
That is between Cayucos and Cambria.

There are several dead trees along the way.  The white trunk and branches looking like skeletons.
Makes me wonder why they grew and then why the died.

Lots of lizards

We walked along the shore for just a little ways and then climbed down to the beach.

I liked it - the shore was more like Newfoundland

My funny husband :)
"Ahoy! I see a mast!"

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Had fun watching sea anemones.
It was interesting.  Walking out to the ocean, the fields on the right were burnt.  A sign said there had been a controlled burn in December.  The wild flowers were everywhere and the grass lush green.  On the left were bushes and green grass, but sticking up through the tall grass were dead stalks and not very many wild flowers.

Sorry about falling behind on posts!  I'll try to do some catching up.

Whoops, found some pictures that Matthew took and they are better than some of mine...

California Poppies!

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