Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dinner at Mom and Dad's & Grandparent's visit

Already July... Where does time go?  
Well, here was where it went in June!
Matthew was attending a dinner at work that the military do for the cadets before they graduate from the school.  I invited myself over to mom and dad's.  Nelson and Cherisa brought dinner over and Austin Morey was there.

We had fun playing croquet.
And yes, I still loose, DAVID :)
He always would get poison first and get everyone else.
Several got poison, but I think Nelson won.

Dad grill kabobs.

Austin helping out
(had to catch it on camera... J/K, everyone in this family pitches in almost always!)
We got to have Granddaddy and Grandmommy Cotten 
for a Saturday afternoon and evening.  
We had a really nice time with them.
We took Subway out to Montana de Oro.
We ate in the car because it was a bit windy.

It was windy and chilly so I hid out of the wind behind Matthew.
We saw a quail family.

It was really pretty out there! We walked to the first lookout point.

 I think the next three make a panoramic....

(the Peak in the middle of the picture that is in the fog is Valencia, a hike we did a few months back.)
 Aunt Kath Gardner wanted to take 
Granddaddy and Grandmommy for a drive to Julia Pfeiffer Burns 
I appreciated her taking me along to get more time in with my grandparents.

Such a pretty place!

Looking up the coast

Aunt Kath saw us sitting/standing here and asked me for my phone so she
could capture the moment.

Love this picture of them!

Aunt Kath and me
(I try to remember to get a picture every time we do something together,
but I usually forget!)

Walking back

Granddaddy sat down to rest at this bench and another older man sat down with him, or maybe Granddaddy joined him, can't remember, but they had a little chat and G'daddy gave him a Test Pilot CD 

Thanks for coming Granddaddy and Grandmommy and for spending time with us.
(And for teaching Matthew how to play 42!  Since then we've taught Kevin, and Austin and SB!)

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