Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More of June and Tyler's Graduation

What a boring title....
The gate into the Wagon Wheel to Grizzly Youth Academy
And yes, Matthew designed the website!

These were taken on a Saturday.  We were housesitting for Glenn and Annie, but Matthew had his mind on work.  He had just a few short days to take in almost 200 Netbooks and get them ready to be given back to the students before they left.  I had been wanting to help him, so we drove down and got to work.  Working together we got over half of them ready, and the process down so Matthew knew what to tell his helpers to do when they came in Monday morning.  We took a few breaks to watch the helicopters and the tour that was going on for the next term.  The military march the kids in, show them the classrooms, talk to them, put them through some drills, jogging the circle, push ups, jumping jacks etc.  I saw one kid shaking his head after a bit.  Most of them couldn't even do 5 push-ups.  If they choose to come and are selected, they will be doing 25 to 50 in a few months!

Making plum freezer jam....

A slightly lame doe that hangs around our property and had twin fawns.

YUMMY potato salad!  Wow!  And no you can't have the recipe because I used about 4 and can't remember what I did!

Here's one of the fawns!

IF the video plays, listen closely and you may hear the fawn crying softly for its mother!

Love this picture of Hailey, thought there are a lot of pictures of her to love because she is just so loveable!
Going to Cherisa's to exercise has been a highlight of my days.  Sometimes we talk, sometimes I hold Hailey, sometimes I dash in and back out soon as we are done, sometimes stick around and help do something if she's busy....
I have been blessed by our times together and am really thankful for our relationship, with the side bonus of getting fit!

My poor lemon cucumber leaves.

Can't leave 'em alone bars!  WAHOO!
(Hint, put them in the freezer!)

At Glenn and Annie's.
I love this picture, even though he has grease on his chin from being under the car.
The AC gave out on our way up there and was smelling horrible and smoking when we got there.
It has been quite the trial since then.

Summer with my sunglasses on.  I went over to Reanne's one afternoon while Jarin and Courtney were out.
Fun to be with them and the girls.

In need of a laugh anyone???

Tyler's Graduation!
Congrats on finishing highschool!
My first ever graduation to attend!
Tyler is in front of the last girls, 5th one from the end I think.

Don't know if this will show either, but cover your ears if it will!

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