Thursday, July 17, 2014

Busy start to July!

This is quite the conglomeration of pictures, but gives a good depiction of our life the beginning of July.
Graduation day at Grizzly!
Matthew's office.
The boxes the new chromebooks came in.
Matthew's busy schedule was weighing heavily on his mind, and I wanted to help him.
This repetitive work is NOT his thing, but I loved it!  I lifted over 500 lbs that day.... 2 . 5 lbs at a time :)

My handsome husband took me to the beach 5th Sunday morning.
(meeting is in the afternoon/evening)

Jeff (Brad's brother) and Donna, Andrew, his girlfriend Laura, and Nathan
came from Pennsylvania to visit for about 2 weeks.

This is Glenn, his wife Kris, and her mom.

Grandpa Pauls, Jeff, and Phil.

July 4th we found a place to watch the fireworks after eating dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's.
This is Austin being a crazy monkey.

Love this family!
Austin, SB, Nathan (surprisingly got a somewhat 'normal' picture of him!) Laura, and Andrew.

Also took family pictures one evening.
The lighting was kinda cool.
We didn't take real cameras, but I'm sure you'll see them,
all of you who get SB's albums! 

Sunday afternoon we hiked Bishop's Peak with Rebekah, mom and dad, SB, Austin,
Nathan, Andrew, and Laura. 
This was SUPER scary!  It is the second highest rock up there,
steep and narrow. AHHHH!
At See's with Uncle Thomas, Aunt Cindy, Julie, and Brooke, on the way to Firestone.
The three of us girls were waiting outside, after we had our samples.  This lady comes
out and says, "That reminds me. My grandmother used to bring me here and get caramel
covered marshmallows. That's what I always get." Then she opens her bag and INSISTS
that each of us try one! It was very sweet of her and generous, and gave us a little laugh!

This is a 'before haircut picture'!
This is an 'after haircut picture'.
I took off a LOT of hair!

Nelson and Cherisa visited Jon and Kristy one weekend and brought us back
16 lbs of peaches for $6!  I had to pit, cut, and freeze them before we left.
YES, left for where??? 
 We had been hoping to take a vacation during this school break, but weren't sure if it was going to fit as Matthew had tons to work on at the school.  Thankfully things went quickly and smoothly, for the most part, and he decided Thursday, after taking to the principal, that he could take a week off.  We still couldn't go with mom and dad and Nelson and Cherisa who are leaving THIS week, because that week the next set of kids are in and Matthew has to give a bunch of tests and things.  But we decided to go ahead and go before them.

Oregon/ Washington trip coming right up!!! 

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