Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Zealand #5 Milford Sound and Te Anau

Driving to Te Anua - sheep pasture
These are a little out of order and I tried not to get too many pictures, but it is just so magnificent that I keep adding them! We were a little disappointed at first that it was cloudy, foggy, and rainy when we visited Milford sound. But come to find out, that is when you get to see just how many waterfalls there are! So though we didn't get to see the highest peaks, we did get to experience the true rain forest that the area is!msmsmsmsmsmsmsmsWalking in the rain forestmsmsmsThis is the boat we toured on^msmsmsmsmsmsIt was just a little chilly! And come to find out, my rain jacket isn't quite water proof, not even really considered water resistant! msBe sure to notice the tour boat in the bottom right corner. It was bigger than ours!msBack on land eating lunch and swatting flies. We were hoping it would clear off enough to see Miter Peak, but it didn't quite make it.msmsStopped at a couple places on the way back on the sound side of the tunnel. msmsmsWaiting to go through the tunnel!
msSadly lupins are not native in New Zealand. And pretty as they are, they are crowding out the native grasses.msdinnerEating Subway for dinner out on our front porch!drinkMatthew's new favorite drink!

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  1. Amazing and beautiful! So nice you all can take so many wonderful trips and make great memories. Love, Aunt Lynita


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