Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#6 New Zealand Te Anau and south

marian lakeThe next day we drove up to almost the other end of the tunnel going into Milford Sound and hike Lake Marian. It was a less popular hike and we got lost for a bit. It was also pretty wet! But so pretty and quiet.mlmltrackAnother swinging bridge!signwaterThe rushing water was so white and then icy blue!flowersPretty vibrant pink flowers!mirror lakeI think this was Mirror Lakes because they are usually so calm and clear they reflect the mountains. We had fun watching ducklings diving! I think each dive was about 30 seconds! It was fascinating nzWalking around Te Anau that evening after dinner, we saw this patriotic New Zealander's outfit and had to take a picture!
mushroomThe next day we hiked part of an over night hiking track along the Waiau River. We hiked to the first hut, ate lunch and used their facilities and then hiked back to the car.tracklakefernsboard walkThis reminded me so much of Newfoundland. And just like in NL, swamps are being drained and plants and animals are becoming more and more scarce. The plant below is like a miniature pitcher plant in NL! It catches bugs!
riverThe Waiau Riverchalk boardsurf and turfMatthew's surf and turf meal that he still raves about!viewView from Quintin's Rest

Heading back up to Queenstown!lake

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