Thursday, February 6, 2014

Projects and busy days

So remember the squirrels I mentioned a few posts ago?  I did a bit of research and found it WAS mating season!  For two days they ran ALL over the house, the trees, Annabelle's pasture, etc.  Here is one getting a brief, but much needed rest!  It was quite entertaining and interesting, but I'm glad it is over.  For one thing it is noisy, and another, I'd get tired watching those poor little creatures constantly running and jumping and climbing for all they were worth!
While that was going on, I was attempting to get some sewing done.  This
is a sewing cabinet that Nelson and Cherisa gave me.  I LOVE it, makes
sewing so much easier and cleaner!  And yes, in the background are pink gloves
on the tops of bottles.  I was drying the insides of the gloves!
This is the curtain above the sink.  I love it!
This is obviously the door window...
The cherry material used to be an apron.

And this is my kitchen with the new curtains!
This grapefruit was HUGE!  Matthew was sick that weekend, but we went out to Morro Rock to watch the waves which were still big from the storm way out in the ocean that affected Hawaii as well.  We sat on the rocks and ate this grapefruit, and talked to Caleb and Adalyn on the phone while watching the waves, a few surfers, and a jet ski.

One Monday I biked to Grammy Steven's.  Ruthie was just coming to visit her as well!
We had a good chat and I had fun playing with Annabella.  I must say though, that
I'm seriously disappointed in the jack-in-the-box toy!  I thought that he popped up totally
random, but come to find out, it is the same point in the song ;(  That was 'Bella's favorite toy that day!

This is Eric and Annie's cute little house!  Callie Patton was in town with Stephanie and her two girls.  Annie invited me to go along with them to Bru, a coffee/tea shop downtown Atascadero.  We had fun visiting over their coffee and my chia tea!  Then we went back to Annie's house, visited, Annie made us a delicious lunch, then we took a walk, then she made us refreshing smoothies.  They took me home mid-afternoon.  That evening Matthew and I walked down to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Polly's for a yummy grilled chicken dinner.  It was fun to visit with them and see some of Ashley's wedding plans and preparations!
The day after being with Annie and Callie, which makes it Thursday... Coral and Bodie came to walk with me.  It was a cool, damp morning, some rain the night before.  (Sarah Beth said her weights class had fun playing Ultimate Frisbee in the mud that day!)   
Yes, this video is black!  It rained almost all day Sunday and into the night.  Matthew and I spent a cozy afternoon at home before heading to the building for the gathering, which was small and cozy as well!  So very thankful for the rain!

This is a dorky picture if there ever was one, but oh well!  Thankful to be well and running again!  We wear the brightest things we own as well as reflectors and a headlamp since it is dark by the time Matthew gets home and we get out.
How to flip this so you can read it? I do not know!  It is the book I read in preparation for my written driving exam.  It is really wordy and complicated, but I guess it helped as I passed the exam this past Monday!  Vanessa and Cherisa took me to Paso and went to the thrift store while I was at the DMV.  Then to Wal-Mart for a few things.  Fun to get out and be with them. 

I think I've put a picture of this in here before, but
I just love this drying rack that Uncle Scott made
and don't know what I'd do without it!
And it is raining again today!  Anywhere from a steady, soaking rain, to what looks right now to be a heavy mist.  YAY!  This week I've talked to Daddy and Momma (they are coming out the 28th of this month for about 11 days), FaceTimed with David and the girls, chatted with Lloyd and Linda and boys, talked to Granny Clem last night during the men's meeting there, and Grandmommy and Granddaddy Cotten this morning!  Also been texting with Lucy, Rose, Shauna, and Maggie as well as Arica and Angela Sjotvedt.  So thankful for all those that are a part of my life!

Next up is the most exciting post!!!!  Keep tuned in ;)

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