Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hailey and happenings

Here is a long awaited update on Hailey!
Made a pot pie for Nelson and Cherisa.

Biked over one day to spend some time with Cherisa and hold Hailey!

 One Monday Addie was off work, so Matthew dropped me off at her house on his way to work.  We visited, played with Shea, and did some errands in town, and talked! 
My ring finally soldered together!

This is crazy Shea-shea!
Getting rid of extra scarves! 

Yes, I know, strange picture.  Reminds me of the Long Hair Community website!
Going to be working on healthier hair.

Matthew's second hair-cut!  Don't you like it? ;)
I had just given him a haircut, but that is MY hair!
Fun evening at Mom and Dad's.
Thanks again, Mom, for your help and guidance, and confidence building!
Going to SLO with Vanessa-mom.

Sent a picture to Matthew to make sure this is the correct stuff!
It is what works best with his contacts.

All kinds of packages have been arriving from the things Momma has been ordering
to take back when they come next month!  She lets me open her Dansko tennis shoes!
Very interesting.  I think she'll like them, but they didn't fit me right now that I'm
learning to be a toe-runner!

For meetings we've been at the AARP building.  Last Sunday afternoon the guys played football, the little kids played on the playground, and some of the middle kids played soccer.  Looked like fun!

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