Thursday, February 6, 2014

Matthew's work

Many of you have been asking about Matthew's new job at Grizzle Charter.  I thought I'd show you where he works and try to explain a bit of how the program works!
I've never been there, but these are pictures he has taken for me.

This is somewhere near the entrance, an old tank.

This is Matthew's office.

Each student has their own laptop (I forget what kind of computer it is)
Called a 1:1  There are 198 kids this cycle

I think this was the first day of school, still no uniforms or boots, but have the backpacks and hats.

I don't think the videos have been coming through, but I'll try it again here.  I think they have uniforms here and their combat boots.  Matthew says they make an impressive sound marching!

To get the feel of how things run and what needs are going to be, Matthew sat in on a class one day.  The kids are marched in and stand next to their desks at attention, then they are told to ground gear - the put down backpacks and hats.  Then they are told to sit, they all sit, but don't shuffle, then they are told to arrange (or something) and that is when they can pull their chair in and settle in.  He said it is really cool how orderly and quickly things can be done!  The classrooms and a few other buildings are arranged in a wagon wheel.  When the kids come out of class, they run (not walk) clockwise around the perimeter, to their next class, even if the building is directly on the right of the one they are leaving, they have to run all the way around.  I really should get him to write about it, he does a much better job explaining how it all works!  Maybe we'll add to this post later on....

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