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Projects and Events In July

Hello everyone! Wow, life has been busy. A little too crazy to be all the way fun, but good times non-the-less. I had this material for a long time with exactly this in mind:skirtOne for Hailey...skirtOne for Evelyn!kayakKayak! So Matthew had set up an alert on 'if this then that' for kayaks on Craigslist. He responded quickly to this amazing deal and despite getting lots of offers, the lady let us have it! Dad went with us to pick it up in Avila (during the thunderstorm!). We greatly appreciated his assistance and truck!versekayakCame with nice paddles, seats, and really nice life jackets that fit us perfectly.
carSo the engine light in Matthew's car came on one day on his way to work. He looked up the problem on his Automatic iDevice. He ordered the part that evening. Saturday he took my car to pick up the part while I drove his directly to mom and dad's. On his way, the engine light came on in MY car, the Civic! He was slightly disgusted with engine lights :) He totally impressed me, though, by being a very good mechanic and replacing the part in his car with some help from dad. The story on my car will come later!wafflesWhipping up waffles one evening for our favorite dinner! Matthew makes his glutinous ones in the red bowl and I made mine GF ones in the green bowl
haileyPeek-a-boo Hailey!climbing wallGrizzly Youth Academy!

The next class is in session at Grizzly, where Matthew works. The first two weeks is pre-challenge. The kids do all sorts of things, archery, obstacle courses, climbing wall, hiking blindfolded while someone leads them, leadership activities, etc. Matthew actually climbed the wall and took pictures from up there!


My favorite picture of my new little niece, Evelyn!something

(There was a picture of Austin here, but I decided not to post it... You're welcome, broski:)
While Mom and Sarah Beth were in Washington, Dad and Austin came over for dinner. The picture of dad is even less flattering, and the picture of us, I have my hair turbie on my head, so sorry, you don't get to see us :)exhaust manifoldSO! My knowledge about cars has greatly increased! I can actually identify something besides the battery and windshield washer fluid cap! (Mr. Jimmy would be proud of me!) From what I've been told, this is the exhaust manifold. And it has a crack in it. Which there has been exhaust smell in the cabin since before I started driving the 'silver bullet' (as Alex McWilliams dubbed my car!). We aren't sure how long this has been like this, but my theory is that in the winter I was getting worse gas mileage because in the cold, the crack pulled apart more. Since warmer weather, it's been getting slightly better, but still not as good as it should according to Matthew. We found this crack when taking off the heat shield to get to the upper O2 sensor, which was why the engine light came on....crackO2 sensorgreaseWe had to get a picture of Matthew's greasy hands!cassieOne evening we went to Kevin and Addie's. She made chili and cornbread and we took it to the top of Terrace Hill. Cassie is one busy little cute girl!sunsetSun setting over Madonna, or rather Cerro San LuisnewMore working on the car! Austin brought over some more tools.

So Saturday we went to San Simeon with Dad and Austin. They took our kayak on their truck and rented singles for themselves. It was SO much fun! We paddled out to the point, saw a few blowholes, lots of birds and seaweed. When we were getting ready to head back to the beach, dolphins started jumping! We got it all on the GoPro which Matthew had mounted to the front of the kayak. It was awesome! They are so pretty. We came home, cleaned up, then met the guys for sushi at Kia Lana. From there we went to Starbucks! When we got home, Matthew started working on my car. The caffeine kicked in and he kept on working on my car! He had the new part, but one of the bolt heads had come off and he couldn't get the bolt out. We ended up calling dad, who couldn't get to sleep because of his coffee drink. We drove over around 11:30 to pick up some tools, me driving because Matthew was too greasy. Matthew had brought the part to show dad and they ended up working on it right there. They finally got the sheared bolt out and we went on our way. We found out later that the closing garage door woke Austin up and dad's footsteps made him nervous. He got up to check it out, calling out to dad. Dad didn't hear him the first few times and Austin was all ready to take out some intruder, when Dad finally did answer! We went home and worked until after 1:00! I was falling asleep holding the flashlight! But we made lots of progress.under
evelynI had so much fun sewing and shopping for Evelyn! It was a blast to wrap each thing up and put it all in the package to send! I got the sweetest thank you email back written from her perspective! "Today I am going to wear the onsie with flowers on it and my new white skirt!  Daddy asked for it right away."jamCleaning jobs are pretty cool! You never know what you might get! I think it was fjg and peach jamsun teaMatthew had been telling me about sun tea. I finally tried it without looking at a recipe or how to do it. At first it didn't turn out, but the second time was much better. (I should really look it up tho, it might be even better if I followed directions!)dentistWho is this scary looking character?! Matthew at the dentist! Three fillings down, three to go!sand pennyMy second cousin Bronwyn from Virginia was visiting in Southern CA and kindly rode the train up to visit a few of us up here. I picked her up from the train station Wednesday afternoon and took her to Maggie's where she spent the night. Thursday she came with Vanessa, Sarah Beth, Lauren, and I to hike Johnson Ranch. Then the two of us headed to Morro Bay where we walked around town some, then went out to the jetty. I found this tiny sand dollar and decided it is a 'sand penny'! Taco TempleWe went to Taco Temple for lunch. Wow, it was good food! You serve yourself as much chips and salsa as you want! I got two beef tacos and couldn't finish it, Bronwyn had to help me out! From there we drove through Cayucos. The pier is still under repair, so we couldn't go out there. At lunch we had decided to try kayaking at San Simeon, so we headed on north. After a semi wet start going through some surf, we had a fun and uneventful journey out to the point. I was in the back, which I have never been before, and only been part of beach landing one time. I did not know what I was doing! It was all pretty good til we started going sideways and the surf dumped us over almost right on the beach! Bronwyn has been dumped 3 out of her 4 kayak excursions, but it was my first time. Also, my first time being all the way under in salt water! As well as under the kayak...  Besides being a little wet and my sunglasses missing, we were fine. What an adventure :) Memories... bronwynShe spent the night with Lucy and the morning with Tanya, then she treated me to In-n-Out on the way to the train station. Thanks for making time to be with us Bronwyn!
somethingSo you all have seen this style, right? I think I'll skip this fad :) It is cute on some people, including my sister-in-law, but unless I'm going for hippie, I'll stay away from this!threeunsSo mom and Sarah Beth heard about all our adventures kayaking in San Simeon and wanted to try it out, too! All six of us went out this Saturday in 3 tandems. It was another beautiful day. I love going out to the point and being on the swells. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm up or down until I start going one way or the other! The following Tuesday night we sang several songs about the ocean, and I got to thinking about how big it is and how powerful. How we can't control what it does in the least. Sitting out there going gently up and down, there was no way I could keep myself from NOT doing that. And also feeling its unseen force pushing you toward the rocks when you get close. Then when we were coming back to the beach, Dad and Mom made it almost all the way, and then got a wave over them, Dad fell out, but mom somehow stayed in the boat! We aren't sure how! But then some big sets came in. At least for San Simeon and to try beaching a kayak. Better for surfing. Sarah Beth and I both kinda freaked out a bit. Matthew kept letting us drift closer and closer to where the waves were breaking. It felt like standing at the edge of a cliff that is moving, didn't Sarah Beth? I was back paddling and going, "WHAT are you doing!" But I tried to watch the sets and see what the guys were seeing. I don't know how the ocean here works, and I want to learn. Also, I realized that even if Matthew didn't choose the best time to go in, I was only going to make it worse by back paddling. So I took a deep breath and waited for his signal. Austin decided now was the time, so we all started paddling as fast as we could. After all those big waves, we came in perfectly. The wave behind us carried us right in, breaking right in front of us, and we had time to hop out and pull the kayak up on the beach with plenty of time before the next big set. The landing was a lot drier than our going out! I had gotten a medium size wave in my lap, and then an "oh NO" was cut short as I shut my mouth and eyes as we went right through a wave that was over my head! It knocked my hat right off! 

Water and especially the ocean is a lot of fun, but demands a lot of respect. You have to understand it and its forces, the way it works. We have to work WITH it to use it. But God commands the ocean. He created it. With a word He can make it be still or dry it up. He is more powerful than that awesome and slightly eerie force making you bob up and down. He is more powerful than the tide coming and going. More powerful than the hurricanes and storms. And He knows me. He MADE me!

wavesFrom San Simeon we went to Luffingwell in Cambria, where we grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and zucchini on the charcoal grill for dinner. That was SO much fun! It was my first time to do something like that, and I can't wait to do it again!constructionAfter the house was ridded of termites last spring, the inspectors said the deck needed to be replaced. Mrs. Neilson had some trouble finding someone that was willing to get into it, but finally a contractor friend at church asked her if she needed anything done! They started later that week. It is turning out to be a little more involved than they first thought, but they are hard workers and making good progress. It is making memories of working with Caleb come back to me! I am wanting to get out there and do something!

Well, it is off to run club for me! 4 miles I believe today and it is hot... I'm very thankful for how it is going so far! I have a running partner and have gotten to know some of the Grizzly staff and cadre as well.

As we run along and chat, I find out some interesting things. The girl's favorite activities since coming to the school are the ones that were the hardest for her. As Sarah Beth pointed out when I told her about this, the school is helping them learn that they can overcome obstacles in life and don't have to be defeated by their weak points and fears. I appreciate prayers for the times I am going to have with these kids and people. I don't know what may come up, but I feel like God made it work out for me to be able to do this and I want to glorify and praise Him in it.

Until next time!

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