Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few July happenings

I see this sign all the time, but it hit me funny this day. Anybody WANT to go swimming? Don't think we'll have any problem with this law being broken any time soon :)
lakeI was so excited to get more Norwex stuff at the party Cherisa had. It makes my cleaning jobs a lot more fun and easy!norwexThursday I went with Vanessa and Sarah Beth to hike Cayucos Hill. The Mauers were staying at the beach that week, so some of them joined us for the short, steep hike with an amazing, rewarding view! This is looking towards Morro Rockmorro rockThis is looking over Cayucos.cayucosAnd this is looking north-ish. You can see the crane on the pier where they are repairing it! Yay! Also, the different water colors and kelp beds are really pretty.bluffshaileyIt was fun to have Cherisa and Hailey join us. Hailey wanted to walk the whole way down holding onto our fingers! It is so cute when she comes over and grabs a finger and pulls you over to show you something!
wrrOn the other side of the hill is Whale Rock Reservoir. Crazy to see that much water.posterI did a little redecorating in our room. Cousin Rebekah gave us this poster along time ago and I finally put it up. I like it, it is simple and sweet.usCayucos Hill was so neat, I knew Matthew would love it! Saturday evening, Uncle Dave and Aunt Ruth treated us to Dockside for dinner. We left earlier enough to do the hike before meeting them at the restaurant.itty lizziThis itty bitty lizard was catching that last rays of sun. It was so cute, I sat and watched it for a long time. Which reminds me of something Matthew heard the other day. One of the creepiest things for a person is when someone stares at you without moving or saying anything for a long time. And that is exactly what we do to animals!?Does anyone know what causes these red welts on this plant? They aren't on every leaf, just a few.foxtailssunsetAfter enjoying a very nice seafood dinner, we walked to the pier in Morro Bay. It was a pretty sunset.

Sunday we went to Mom and Dad's for lunch. Matthew had fun with Hailey. It seems like a long time since we've gotten be with them.m and hWhile we were at Mom and Dad's I got a phone call from Lloyd saying that baby Evelyn was born!evelynbikeThat evening Matthew and I went for a quick bike ride. A pretty flower along the way...flowerMeet Mork! I went into his kennel to pick up his bed and grab his food/water dishes and he just climbed all over me wanting attention. He isn't quite a year old. This was Tuesday, he wasn't up for adoption yet, still being assessed. When I went back Thursday for a class, he had already been adopted!morkMeet Parker! I love this little girl's front legs and feet! She's a little shy but it was fun to coax her near me and get her to let me pet her.parkercooperMeet Cooper! haha! This is Glenn and Annie's (rather Alex's) dog. They had been out of town for awhile so when I arrived to clean, he wanted to play! He was missing his family.jamba juiceAfter hiking Bishop's Peak with Mom and Sarah Beth Thursday, Mom kindly treated us to Jamba Juice! I felt healthy drinking a GREEN smoothie, but it was very tasty!

Long story here! Matthew had a dentist appointment 7:00 Thursday morning. I had given my insurance info over the phone, but she had asked for him to bring his card. He went to get it before going out the door, but couldn't find it. And we looked and looked and looked, and couldn't find it! So 5 minutes late, he left for the appointment. I went back to bed :) but he called when he got there and they said he really needed to have it. So I turned the house upside-down AGAIN several times, but didn't find it. I was frustrated and at my wits end. I texted mom to see if she had any ideas of where to look. She made some suggestions and said she would be praying for me. I gave up looking, made my breakfast, and ate. Matthew texted saying that they didn't need it after all. That's the morning I hiked with Mom and SB. She encouraged me to look at as a growing experience, building character, trust, and patience. That God was in control and it would all turn out okay. I grudgingly had to agree and tried to look at it this way, especially when I got this picture the next morning.

Matthew had found the card in his car Friday morning. That evening as we left the house to do some errands, he was telling me about finding it. He put his hand down to show me where he had found it, and there were TWO insurance cards! OH my, oh my, oh my!words of wisdomThis quote kinda reminded me of Ecclesiastes. My relationship with God and how I demonstrate His love to other people is more important than fame or wealth.downhomeDon't know how hard this is going to be to read, but it was good for me and I wanted to share it. It is from a Downhome magazine! It is telling about the guy who is doing "Faces of Newfoundland." David McComiskey, a medical student, is finding a passion in taking pictures and sharing people's stories. Matthew Brake is lending a hand as their website says. I've also been told that a sister to someone we know in NL is getting involve as she did something similar in her home town before moving to NL late last year.evening walkView from the top of the hill across the street. We rarely take walks any more, but it was too beautiful of an evening to not be outside in!

sunsetWho all noticed the sky on Saturday evening? It was like a painting in motion! This picture taken in front of the 99.99 cent store doesn't do it justice in the least. The cloud formations were amazing with an anticipated feeling of a storm hanging in the air that was filled with ever changing hues of color. (Goodness, that was a lame try at being poetic!) The rain started that evening and then thunderstorms off and on all night long! It was bizarre! We got up several times to watch the lightening and listen to the rain and thunder. So exciting and awesome. Distant storms could still be seen and heard Sunday morning for several hours, with more rain.
kayakExciting news! Matthew found a great deal on a kayak off of Craigslist. It is hardly used, stored well, has paddles, seats, and life vests! Many thanks to Dad who went with us to Avila to pick it up. verselunchFood picture? I know, how exciting, especially when it is just an every day quesadilla and guacamole.... It was just that I was so hungry when I got home from grocery shopping that the groceries had to sit out until I was fed!woodsYes, and now a selfie! And not a good one at that! But this is me on my way to Woods. I am now officially a 'handler' so I can walk dogs outside! They were short staffed this day and especially appreciative of my amateur assistance. bonnieBonnie's ankle started bothering her awhile ago. They recently found out that a foxtail probably went through her leg. This makes my scalp prickle every time! She will not be back up for adoption until her ankle is better, but her brother (yes, Clyde it is!) is still on the adoption floor. I took him for a walk before visiting Bonnie. 

I also spent time with Missy and Parker. This little critter (Smee) has a cone collar on to keep him from licking his stitches. After petting him for a long time, I peeked around the cone to find him fast asleep!

Until next time! Margaret :)

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