Sunday, March 2, 2014

A few odds and ends to the end of February

Got a shower curtain!

 Wednesday I went to Mom's to help her make some tea towels for Grandma Pauls and cousin Rebekah's birthdays, celebrating Saturday evening.  I choose the bike and had lots of fun, though it has been years since I've embroidered!

And then the orange bleed when I rinsed out
the blue pen!  Thankfully it mostly came out.

We stopped by the ice rink to watch some of the kids skate,
and then she brought me home.

I got this frame awhile back and it said 'Party' on it.  I had it sitting here (and got some funny comments on it) but this is kind of what I had in mind for it.  (I did modify the sign to say 'Hold handle down for 5-8 seconds to flush', btw!)

Whoops! Forgot I can't rotate pictures on here!
This was Matthew's sandwich on Wednesday.
This was taken on Matthew commute to work, I think.  We are having some
stormy weather!  Rain, wind and lots of it - yay!

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