Saturday, May 30, 2015

Changing Things Up!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!us

I hope this will work just as well or even better than my other one. Matthew is excited that I'm using WordPress now and thinks that I will like creating posts a lot more on here. I was getting frustrated with blogspot and having a difficult time getting pictures to it. No, I don't know how to even get one picture on here yet! Hopefully once I learn the ropes it will be easier and give me more options of things to do! I have a great teacher:)

Things to know to help me reach your desires:

  • This website will not (at least it isn't supposed to!) show up on Google searches even though it is not a 'private' site. Other search engines may still come up with it. Because of that, you will need to have the direct URL to have access :  Please put it in your Favorites or Bookmarks or wherever you will be able to find it again! 

  • You will not need a password unless I do a private post and then I will send the password to those who are supposed to have access :)

  • For those of you who like to know when something is posted so you can stay up-to-date, Matthew is pretty sure we can get a notification to you. To let me know that you would like to receive an email of new posts, please post a comment or email me with the best email address for you.

  • Summer is looking packed full of amazing happenings! I hope to take you along on this journey as I am super excited about where the Lord seems to be leading me and us. But, due to the busy-ness, I may not have time to do many posts ;-/ Please remember me and us in your prayers that we will put God first in our lives and grow in His love. His love and grace is one of the main reasons I want to continue this blog. He is alive and working in the world TODAY! His love has overwhelmed me and I want to share that with you. Please comment or email me if you would like to share what He is doing in your life. I need encouragement from you and to feed off His power working in you!

  • If you have any other questions, please comment or send me an email!

Until next time, Margaret

P.S. Ah, there we go, even a picture for you of us at the last beach last Saturday!

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