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The rest of Sept and part of October including 3 Rivers camp

Hello!  How is everybody?
I love sharing my life with friends and family.  God has given me so many blessings, both physically and internally, you might say, and I'm excited to tell you about these, as well as show you what life is like in Central California and as Matthew's wife!
Thanks for reading my blog!
Finally!  The long anticipated arrival of our new loveseat.
We waited 8 weeks for this thing!  And it has been worth the wait.
I loved the cheery sight of my bell peppers growing!
They are now picked and eaten, but they were fun to grow. 
Not much of a picture, but a piece of life for us...
Matthew has been running with the Grizzly kids' run club at his work.
He runs on other days, too, and I ride my bike with him.  The trail has some thornbushes
along the way, and not like the kind found in Newfoundland!  Needless to say, my tires were
constantly going flat until I bought a self sealing tube and Matthew put it on my bike for me!
Been great ever since with many miles covered.

Earrings?  Some who know me might be surprised, but it is a newfound gift!  Our 'friend' (who happens to own the land we pay her to live on, but she will NOT be called our 'landlady'!) invited me in one day to show me what she and her friend were making.  Earrings for a bazaar in December to raise money for somethingerother.  When I saw the bicycle ones, I knew I had to get them for Jennifer!  (Later that day I found out that of all things it was her birthday!)  Pat and Gail persuaded me to sit down and learn how to make earrings.  I did and had so much fun that I've gone back to help them several times!  The pair on the right are ones that I created.  They rave over the young ones knowing what is 'in' and everything, and I just chuckle because of all people, ME know what is 'in'? hahah! =)

Yes, I was drinking an almond iced mocha.
But not for long, too much sugar ;(

Pat Neilson is a giver and soon as she found out I was trying to paint,
she gave me all her acrylic paints to borrow.  It has been fun to have a variety.

Here is the next painting I did... I don't think I'll do words
again - whew!  It was tedious and didn't turn out as perfect
as I would have liked.

Here is another thing I need to make for Etsy.
Necklace fence.
 A healthy lunch....

 So awhile back I suggested that I take Sarah Beth, my little sister ;) clothes shopping as my stylist consultant.  Matthew loved the idea and one Thursday after her Cuesta Math class we went!  Of course we had to have lunch... Chipotle!  And then on the way home we needed a little something refreshing to drink, so Merry Hill...

 Plus some belts... And btw, the blue one was less than $3 because it had a gap in the seam down the front which I fixed in less than 1 minute :)

Well, sorry.  Those pictures didn't cooperate very well :(

This was family day at Grizzly Youth Academy.  We spent almost the whole day down there and it was an amazing experience.  Very emotional as families reunited after having their kid gone 8 weeks, and quite sobering as we watched someone taken off in handcuffs.  We don't know what the guy had done, but some of these kids are dealing with stuff along those lines as normal life.  The families bring all kinds of barbecuing, fruits, rice, beans... the list goes on and on on...  By the end of the day some of the guys were limping around from eating too much!  On base they are served so much per meal and that's it.
The girls platoon is on the left with some of the sergeants on the right.  After the guys' platoon on the right marched out the girl platoon was right in front of me.  They were standing there, marching, doing their thing, bawling their eyes out and trying to yell out the replies they were supposed to through voices choked on tears.  I listen as a sergeant began talking to them in a firm voice that was compassionate.  Something along the lines of, "you've had a great day with your families, now we are going back to Grizzly mode.  You need to leave behind this day and go on with your Grizzly life..."  Basically, "you came to Grizzly to make a change.  It is hard here and seeing your families makes you want to go back, but you can't make the change you need there.  You must get back into that mode of making a change in your life, of the discipline, respect, and commitment we are teaching you."

I stood behind them with tears in my eyes and prayed for them.  For them, for the sergeants, chiefs, teachers, and counselors and everyone that is impacting their lives right now for a brief 5 months of their life.

We drove up to Cambria, walked along the bluffs,
then met Mom and Dad at Main Street for dinner.

We didn't stay to watch the sunset, but stopped on the west side of the 46 grade to watch for a bit.  It was stunning.

Sorry folks!  This is all I have of Jessica and Brady's wedding and Matthew took them!

Here we have Weyman running the fork lift for the chair palettes.

Here we have the dune buggy that Brady made (so I've been told?) and that they drove away in, including a few donuts and such in the field!
A Sunday afternoon north of Cayucos Pier.

Santa Barbara zoo with Grizzly Cadets.... Photo credits of Matthew Pauls...

So my fall back meal is quesadillas.  Mainly because
I go, "I don't know what to make for dinner tonight."
And Matthew suggests quesadillas in a thrilled voice.
I think he'd eat them three times a week without complaining!
It is super nice to have an easily pleased husband when it comes to cooking!
The Rivers October Camp!
We were able to go to Three Rivers camp this October and had a wonderful time with all there and those who came from out of town.  On Saturday most of us headed to Moro Rock in Sequoia National Forest.  (I believe all that info is correct!)  
Note: MoRRo Rock in Morro Bay has 2 'r's and this one has 1 'r'
We made a pit stop at Hospital somethingerother.
The winding road was filled with laughs and good times,
as we were with Jon and Kris :)
The next 4 photos are kind of a panoramic. 

 I tried to get pictures of people because I knew my mother would appreciate that!


Ryan, Paige, and Bryson

Picnic lunch.
Then we took a short hike, saw some trees... gigantic trees...

My crazy broski
So I've known Anthony and Robert for several years through the Jon King family
(The brothers married his oldest two daughters for those who don't know...)
A few years ago I learned there was a younger brother Jon who married Kristy.
But it wasn't until Matthew and I were going together that I put it together that
there was yet another Meeker brother!  He is married to Geena (sp?) and now has
three girls, one just about two months old.  This camp I learned that he doesn't like
to be too far away from technology or without cell service.  So I thought this was rather
appropriate to capture as he leans against a giant tree and looks at his phone!
I really appreciate all he and Geena did to help with the camp.
Everyone made it a lovely time for us! 
My handsome man!
 We decided to see how many people it would take to ring the tree!  I'm not sure how many it did take, but there were enough leftover to take pictures!
And because I know some are going to ask, the guy on the right in the striped shirt
is one of Dusty Jenkins coworkers or employees or something like that.  He was there all day
Saturday and was exhaustless keeping the boys and kids entertained.  His name is Jeff and most
definitely a sincere believer and follower of Christ from his sharing that evening during a little singing time.

This is the house inside a fallen log.

If there be a rock, climb it.

The sun shining on these rocks was striking.  Jon pulled over so I could get a good picture.

That evening Dustin and Katrina served tri-tip sandwiches.
The next day we had grilled chicken with salad and grilled bread,
done by David and Geena.
okay, yes, weird picture.  He's always sneaking my phone to take silly pictures
 and it takes up precious space that my non fancy phone doesn't have!
I was trying to grab it back.

Some morning faces in the campsite....

It was a fun time with everyone and good to get to know people better.  We made it safely home Sunday evening and unpacked.  Then relaxed the rest of the evening in a 'food coma' from eating so much good food over the weekend!

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