Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finishing out July...

Hello everyone and apologies for not posting in half of forever!
Summer has been a fun whirlwind of going, doing, being with people, weddings, etc...
So now we will go back to right after our road trip to WA.
We were blessed by the Jeff Pauls family's presence and Laura on evening for dinner.
They were quite happy and content with hot dogs as we had just got back and not gone to the grocery store yet!
This family is wonderful and I miss them tons.

One evening Derrick and Mag had these people over for Bocce ball and homemade ice-cream!!!
Their backyard is far from a golfing green and made Bocce quite the challenge.
Someone threw the white ball right in the middle of a brush pile!
We had to dig around to find the balls to figure out who was closest!
Made for lots of laughs:)

The fawns are growing up!  I think they still have a few spots in this picture.

Some of us went for a walk to settle dinner and make room for dessert!
It was a lovely evening.

~Shelley's Shower~
They had post cards that we were supposed to write something on.
They will be sent to Edward and Shelley over the next year.

The three sisters and 3 of my favorite people!

These photo booths are Shelley's 'thing'.
They had one at the wedding too, complete with a window frame!
Peter and Kate (Kate is Shelley's step-cousin?) were
in charge of taking people's pictures there and they did a wonderful job!

I got Edward's number from someone and sent him some of these pictures!

Sisters and mom

I thought I put in here one with both grandmothers, whoops!

The fawns again! No spots now!

I watered for Brad and Vanessa while they were gone on their WA trip.
So I got to pick their lemon cucumbers and zucchini.
Then Craig and Lynn went camping for a weekend and I got to do the same there!
So even though, my plants didn't produce, I was kept in plenty of veggies.

Flowers from my love <3

Soooo, a few months ago I dropped Matthew's iPad on the concrete floor in the garage....  It is fairly old and has a few problems already so it wasn't going to be worth sending it off to be fixed.  He found though, that he could get the necessary parts for less than $25!  So he ordered them and we finally got a few free hours to put it together, and yes it took a few hours!  He says he'll never do it again (taking the broken glass off was probably the worst).  I thought it was really neat and had fun helping him when I could.

This, folks, is my cherry tomato plant!  It grew taller than this though, now.  There aren't enough to do something with, all ripe at once, so as I hang out laundry or come home from town or something, I just stand there and pick the few that are ripe and eat them right there!  mmmmmm! so delicious!

I got quite a kick out of this!
Matthew went to work on a computer at the Morey's
(Denise is an Atascadero teacher) and I went with him.
So sad this is blurry but it is so cute!
Shopping at Old Navy with Cherisa and Hailey.  I think Hailey liked this hat, she's looking in the mirror :)
So we went loveseat shopping and neither of us were looking forward to trying to find something....  We wanted a new loveseat, but didn't want to shop for it.  Boatman's last day sale before closing, didn't have anything, so we went to Couch Potato in Paso Robles.  We sat in every loveseat there and didn't find anything we liked.  We started sitting in everything and when Matthew sat in this, he kicked back and pretended to fall asleep.  "Com'mon," I said, "Let's go home."  He finally pulled himself out of it and told me I had to try it.  I sat down and the chair just reached out and hugged me.  I instantly relaxed and felt like falling asleep and not moving for hours!  It was a strange experience.  I mean, falling in love with a chair?!  Matthew asked the salesman if it was part of a set, if there was a loveseat like it.  The salesman said usually not, he doubted it, but that he would check.  A few minutes later he found that there IS a loveseat like it and we bought it right then and there!  And there was even a sale on it since it was the weekend of the fair.  Also, even though we were completely sold on it just by sitting in, he told us about the high quality frame and about the special stuffing in it and how the back cushions can be adjusted to fit and support you better....etc!  But I really liked it, because when people try to sell me on something, I don't want to go with it just because they are pushing it and I wonder if  I really do like it or not.  Right?  But this sold itself!  Anyway, the 6 to 8 weeks before arriving has finally passed and the long anticipated day is TODAY!!!
So if we don't show up at meeting tonight, you'll find us at home sitting on our loveseat!  And no one else is allowed to sit on it because we'll never get you to leave our house :)  Just kidding!  Come on over and try it out :)
Dad set up a swing on the back patio for Hailey.  She really likes it!

I think these are Vanessa's roses.  So pretty!

Yes, I know this is horribly blurry but I had to include zucchini relish making with Mom!
It was fun to do together.
 These are Cherisa's roses in the morning sunlight.

Okay, funny story... I texted Aunt Polly to see if I could borrow a real hammer from Uncle Jerry.  I was pulling apart some wooden crates.  She told me where to find one and I walked down.  No one was home, remember Blake and Ashley are living in a trailer next to the shop. I went in, found the hammer and a claw and came out, to find this:
 A dog looking up at me like, 'hey, a friend came to play with me!'   I supposed it was Blake's dog, I thought I remembered hearing he had one, but I hoped it was a stray!  He wanted to follow me home, so I texted Ashley to see.  Yes, this is Beau.  I made him stay home and he watched me walk up the driveway without him with such a hurt expression that I almost turned back!  Since then, I've got to have him at my house for a few hours for a few days that they couldn't take him to work with them.  He does this thing with a small bucket, a ball, whatever.  He pushes it along with his nose while running at top speed.  Then spins around and comes flying back!  I wish videos were working on here - I have several of him.
Unripe watermelon >:(  At least I only paid $0.79 for it!
David and Lauren invited us, Kevin and Addie, Dave and Jennifer and Josh umm, I forget his last name, friend of Davie's for dinner one evening.  She put on the southern spread of ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, jello salad, rolls, spinach salad...etc.  With cobbler and ice cream for dessert.  Wow, that was good, and lots of fun talking.  It has been really neat to get to know Davie and Jennifer better.  After dinner we walked up... a hill, I forget the name, but this is the view up there!
Shane and Reanne had young people, their families and couples  over one Friday night after sing (or was it a Tuesday night?).  Everyone brought a pint of Haagen Dazs (sp?) ice-cream.  It was lots of fun and special time as one of Shelley's last gatherings before getting married.

Beach day for Grizzly cadets!
Morro Rock.

Well, and there are lots more, but I need to go grocery shopping.... will post again soon, hopefully :)

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